The American Dream lies within the closet.

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  1. Well I feel like a lucky fellow these days. I just received some more clones of American Dream from SensiSeeds,an indica that flowers in 6-7 weeks , a storm destroyed my last crop I tried to grow outdoors. So I got 5 clones(in rock wool), problem is the original grower doesn't seem to be too good at cloning, they seem to be over fertilized. The new growth is twisted and very green, the old growth is yellow. I asked at what Ph he had been watering the clones with, to which he responded "7.0 with just water and when I feed them with 1ml per liter of AN (advanced nutrients) at Ph 5.6." That just doesn't seem right to me.

    One of the 5 had roots coming out the bottom of the rock wool, so I went ahead and soaked some 3"(?) GroDan cubes in Ph 5.5 for 30 minutes then then popped all the clones into the cubes regardless of roots showing, I figured it wouldn't matter. I don't have a humidity tent so I place a sandwich bag loosely over the babies and remove it when I mist with water at Ph 5.7 2-3 times a day. Its been 3 days in the GroDan cubes and they are still heavy so tomorrow I will install the drip system for watering. One of my biggest questions is when do I start to feed? I will be using General Hydroponics 3 part with hard water micro. The PPM of my tap is between 4 and 5 hundred so I plan on diluting with R/O water to about 2-3 hundred ppm. The tap for a year has been a constant Ph 7.0. About how much fertilizer should I use in these conditions?

    After three of the weakest get to be about 8-12 inches I want to transplant into an Ebb and Flow system for flowering under a 400w hps. I plan on Scroging. I think if I put 2 27w daylight cfls on all four sides of the grow space it should add some blue spectrum as well as light up the outer colas that may not be receiving as much light as the center in creasing yeild for my space. (may not increase grams per watt) If anyone can direct me to a good feeding schedule for General Hydroponics 3 part formula that is more intended for cannabis growth it would be awesome.

    The better looking of the 5 I will make into mother plants.

    So thats my plan any thing you may for see going wrong let me know.

    Also, about how many indica plants would it take to fill a 3x3 screen, and when should I flip to flowering? I wouldnt mind using more plants if it would decrease veg time, but then I forsee an overcrowding problem if not timed properly.

    and Much Love.
  2. Ok so let me refine my questions...

    In rockwool, at what Ph should I water? The instructions say to water at Ph6.0 2-4 days after transplant, is that good for an Indica cannabis plant. I believe the Genetics are skunk aphgani as well as some hawiian and jamacan sativa, but the package the seeds came in says its an Indica strain, possibly by backcrossing the sativas back with the indica mother and selecting offspring with mostly indica traits, then backcrossing the offspring of said mostly indica plants with the original mother. Im not a breeder that would just be my lucky guess. Sorry for the ranting, just trying to give an idea of the plant i am dealing with.

    Also, whats the down low with feeding clones, I got 3 prat GH with hard water micro?

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