The Alone High

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  1. man i usually get high by myself but thats really cuz i generally stick to my family and myself. but shit if someone called said come  match one im all for it. shit i at least get my wife to come outside with me when i smoke cuz im the type that like to talk sometimes when im high. but shit it dont matter really

  2. It just depends on my mood. Usually how it works is I start out alone then my friend joins me. Just about when I cannot stand her being there any longer she leaves (typically 3 hours) and I continue on alone again.
  3. I've been smoking for roughly a year and love to smoke by myself and with friends. When I'm alone I usually just play Xbox which is a feat upon its own but friends make it fun also.

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  4. I've come to meet my parents and will probably stay for a week or not allowed to smoke up at home, so i went to this stadium 1.5 kms away and smoked up a joint and one chillum... while on my way back i put on my headfones and i was HIGH! I'm back now but still enjoying the trip.:lol:
  5. You read my mind man oh my god!
  6. Smoking alone is the best, but I barely get to do it.

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  7. Majority of the time I smoke alone. When I first started out smoking weed I was always at my friends place or chilling with someone. Over the 2 years I've been smoking I started to smoke alone more and more or just toke with my bro.
    I came to find out that I enjoy smoking alone more than with people. Like everyone else said you get to do what you want. Some of you will argue that "there's nothing to do" but by me rather than being inside playing games or watchig tv I'll just go longboarding, or if it's at sunset I'll chill outside and watch the sun go down/watch nature and the birds and deer and all. And I usually just think about life and everything while I listen to music. Although I do also hangout with the crew every week or two weeks.
    I also found smoking alone:
    1) saves bud 2) saves money 3) saves gas(if you go to your friends place) and 4) it's much more relaxin. And peaceful.

    But don't get me wrong I love chilling with friends but I prefer smoking alone or with my bro. But lately he's been working around 80 hours a week so he doesn't get any time to chill anymore.
  8. I remember when I first discovered medical marijuanna, one puff and i would be overloaded with thoughts, so much that I would have to take my dog for a long walk until it wore off.  
    I mainly smoke solo but if I'm having one of my females over i always smoke and take a capsule, i give my females capsules too if they wont smoke, but I have one female who does smoke with me and one puff of the indo and she's ready to service me.
  9. I love smoking solo. I usually just smoke with my girl. I get baked, play some video games, watch some TV, or go on adventures. Or I write, since my creativity is spiked when I'm high.

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    Imagination will take you everywhere." - Albert Einstein.
  10. Id rather smoke by myself than with a group... Most people I hangout with can't control themselves and they get annoying and talkative when high. I just like smoking a few bongs, chill out and play some video games or do something entertaining. I don't mind getting high with my girl, but other people will smoke up all your weed!

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