The Alone High

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by the-high-intellectual, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. That's why I stopped smoking with a lot of people cuz they don't throw in. every so often is cool but when they call me for the sole purpose of smoking my bud I caught on and cut them off quick!!

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  2. wow so i never heard of the term "introvert" before describes me to the t
  3. Smoking alone is the best. 1. You always get Mondays. 2. Your always are the next person to the left. 3. Instead of puff-puff pass, it's puff-puff-puff-puff-puff-puff...puff.

    I dont mind smoking with a few good friends, just as long as everyone brings their own shit. There is nothing more anoying than people expecting to be smoked out.

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  4. Whenever I smoke alone  the marijuana reveals my flaws to me in hope I correct them
  5. I prefer smoking alone usually when I'm in school. Mainly because being forced to socialise is overwhelming and extremely tiresome sometimes so I like to smoke and wind down and have some real me time. But when we are on break I don't mind going to parties and smoking with other people as long as no one is smoking my shit.

    Toking is glam as shit
  6. Yeah, I agree. I think being with others just ruins your high and makes you worry more about who you portray yourself (at least for me)
  7. Anyone on here live in FL?

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  8. I like smoking alone.

    I've been single since March and he used to be the person I'd mainly smoke with... But I always felt a little tense getting stoned with him since I was self conscious around him due to some things that happened before. So now I enjoy sparking up just by myself... though I do wish I had someone sometimes, things can get a little lonely.
    Or maybe I'm just too introverted .-.

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  9. I like getting high alone. I get to eat like a fucking animal, enjoy some music, and sleep. But getting high with the right friends is 10x as fun

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  10. I enjoy both of them. I have a group of friends I smoke with and that's pretty cool, but when I'm at home alone I don't spend nearly as much on food nor do I use as much weed. I also love to just browse GC and listen to music in the background. Great experience and I recommend it, but I think getting high with friends can also be very beneficial. 
  11. I mostly smoke by myself, just do what i want without someone disagreeing or wanting to do something else
    watching vids, playing games, listening to music, going for walks, and eating the stuff i love
  12. yeah I think you're trying to clear your head and your goal is to relax and enjoy life. 
    that's a good way to look at it man! 
  13. Yeah man I know how you feel. I feel better when I smoke alone. I mean don't get me wrong. I love to chill with friends and shit but I'd rather smoke alone too. I feel safer like in my own little world you know

  14. Absolutely love smoking alone. People don't judge you if you do stupid shit, you dont have to worry about being bugged by others, and you can listen to the music you want too.

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  15. I feel alone all the time because the people I want to smoke with don't really invite me to hangout that often . And the people that acctually WANT to smoke with ME.. Let me just say that they smoke just to get high .. Or because they just want to look cool. Or they like to use me so they can use my peice. So I'm caught in the middle all the time . Feeling alone . Mary Jane is the only girl that makes me feel like in not so alone . Me myself and I are the only people I need when I'm with Mary Jane . I can sit and philosophize , listen to some chill music . And relax , by myself in peace .

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  17. She likely already knows ;) Don't underestimate the girl! If you enjoy her company & want her to respect the reasons you blaze, be honest asap. If she can't cope, wouldn't you rather know before wasting time under false pretenses?
    P.S.I'd like to think I speak on behalf of (most) women with this advice.
  18. I used to be a dolo. Always bought eights and just ripped in my backyard then sit there focusing on a thought for like 20 minutes then just go inside and chill but I prefer smoking with friends or fam because I get the giggles and when in with my friends we do crazy shit and literally laugh until I have to leave the room or take a crap lol
  19. Yep, the alone high is the best high, spared from all those arbitrary and superficial interruptions and expectations from others. It's pretty much a type of meditation.
  20. I used to smoke with my friends who were alcoholics. I had my own apartment and i was the only one with a job..they used me for my space and funds .. i started smoking alone and thats when i realised that smoking alone has its own pros..

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