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  1. Call me weird, but I'm one of those people who genuinely enjoys getting high alone. There's something special about being able to sit down, smoke a bowl, and allow your mind to aimlessly wander from one thought to the next without a worry in the world other than yourself. When I'm high alone, I have the opportunity to see things from another perspective which can be rewarding and also very relaxing in a weird way. Anyways, I guess I just like having the ability to reflect on the things going on in my life without having to focus on the problems of others. Without this time, I feel like I would have a lot more stress in my life.
    Anybody prefer smoking with people over smoking alone? Have reasons?
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    For the first year I got into smoking, I use to love smoking with my group of friends. That lost its luster after a while, for a few reasons, and now I only smoke alone. Your description of what I go through when smoking alone is pretty much spot on.
  3. im an introvert, my high is like being loud in my mind, where I truly reside. 
  4. I have smoked alone, but I won't say it was a good thing, neither bad.
    But if I could have the buds I smoked alone, I would smoke them with my friends now, it's just way different.
    When I smoked alone, all I did, was nothing, I just sat, and played/watched videos on pc.
    When I smoke with friends, even if I do that, at least I have a lot more fun.
  5. I really enjoy smoking alone. Every now and then it's good to make with people, but lots of people annoy me. I'm not really a pessimist, but I can look at someone and be like, "Damn I hate how that person ______".

    I once smoked with a guy, and tried having intellectual weed talk. I told him how the majority of the time I smoke alone. He started telling me that means I'm dependent on weed. I smoke like once or twice a week. This guy smokes like a chimney. Every day, all day, before school, and he knows if. And he knew I don't. He knew I don't smoke much at all. Pissed me off a little bit...

    Some people call it boring; I just call it listening to music and enjoying my mind. By the way, I'm one of those people who keep their tolerance low and smoke good stuff, so I trip balls when I smoke. Really. I've done an unmentionable pyschelic now, and I can say it was like an extended heavy weed trip, but more intense.
  6. I love smoking alone. Don't get me wrong, I would smoke with friends if I had the chance, but I wouldn't go out of my way to. I smoke a bowl, play some COD and listen to music. I too keep a low tolerance, so I go bat-shit crazy when I smoke some good stuff, so I don't want to embarrass myself :p But if it's that good, hopefully they won't remember either. Or be able to take a video of it lol.
  7. Smoking alone is great, for all the reasons you listed. I have had more than my share of solo sessions, especially recently, and theyre great for sure. But when I reflect back to smoking with different groups of friends I must admit it was a better time. Sure, toking some herb and sitting down to some games or whatever is great, but there is no replacement for good vibes between great friends, and sharing uncontrollable laughter and all that. I would share a blunt with friends rather than burn one alone any day.
  8. Well Platypus, I smoke with my friends, people I like. Not some random faggots
  9. The odd thing was that guy is nice to me. I'd consider him a friend. Which made me even more confused and/or angry. I was just like kinda like, "dang man, I woulda never thought you'd say that to me." It was out of character for him to say, and I'd smoke with him again. Idk what it was.
  10. I just love being high, I'll smoke up regardless but if someone is coming over I'll wait until they get here. Yet I smoke alone the majority of the time simply due to my schedule, but in high school we all smoked together always. Good times. But yeah I'm getting high every day with or without someone else there. Sent from my HTC6435LVW using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  11. I'm also one of those people who likes smoking with friends more. And I mean a lot of friends. If it's just me and 1-2 other friends, I might as well be smoking alone because none of us are talking enough to keep me from thinking the same philosophical things I would alone. We just chill, smoke some blunts, smoke some bowls, listen to music, play some video games and go out to get cigs or food. I do the same stuff alone. But if it's 5-10 people then it's a party and really fun. With girls and more stuff to do. More people than that and it sucks unless there's alcohol or something else there to make it a house party or something. 
  12. I'm smoking solo atm. I enjoy smoking alone but sometimes its entertaining with friends tooSent from the Android Beast: Galaxy Note 3
  13. I used to smoke alone for one reason, jerking off baked was awesome. Dont judge, i am who i am (; Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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    [quote name="Twisted Bliss" post="19335448" timestamp="1389663479"]I used to smoke alone for one reason, jerking off baked was awesome. Dont judge, i am who i am (; Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum[/quote]Was it worth the money? Sex would be even better believe meDon't practice until you get it right. Practice until you can't get it wrong. That's perfection.If you are afraid to fall, you just fall 'cause you are afraid.
  15. I love smoking alone. I Find it more relaxing then with a group of people, I still like to toke whenever with whoever. Some people prefer smoking with a group of people or just one or two close friends and some like smoking alone.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  16. When I'm high alone I get stuff done. When I'm with friends I either sit around or get in trouble. I smoked a half ounce of good loud over a day and learned an entire semester of history in a dayFly like an eagle
  17. It's half and half with me. I like smoking alone and with friends equally. When I'm with friends I realize that I laugh more and we end up doing fun things and we we bounce off each others humor and ideas which is nice. But when I'm alone. I love to get baked and just blast pink floyd and yea maybe play some Skyrim
  18. I used to smoke with people, but i realized how fucking annoying people are. So I smoke alone daily, and my bf when he doesn't work.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  19. I feel more content smoking alone, if they are chill enough i dont mind
  20. I laugh way more when i'm around my pals, whenever i'm alone i just sit and overthink shit

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