The (almost) never ending sack

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by chronictoker, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. Somebody's post reminded me of something... A while back i was dry and my friend says he has a care package from lonny under the driver's seat in his car. lonny is a grower that we work for from time to time when we need extra cash and weed (like this weekend, thank god). i think i told you guys the story of my first trip to her place but this was before i knew her. So we go to his car and he pulls out one of those gallon zip locks half full with ROACHES. I was like are you kidding me are we seriously going to smoke those, but i was dry so i was like whatever. i never used to smoke roaches but let me tell you i never pass on them any more. but yeah so we smoked hella of those for the longest time along with nice chronic weed when i would buy a sack. but it was nice cuz we knew no matter what we had roaches. We were so careless with these roaches because we had so many of them sooo even after the bag ran out we were finding roaches EVERYWHERE jacket pockets, floor, desk you name it. it was rediculous. we finally ran out though...but if i search hard enough i bet i could find some still lol. good times. ohhhh and what was REALLy nice was that sometimes i would take like one or two rips and id be like tripping out and i was like "dude i shouldnt be high yet wtf this is a good one" (cause there were all diff. strains def a mixed bag) and hes like "OH you hit one of the ones with HONEY OIL on it". I loved it when i picked out one of the honey oil ones. Hope you enjoyed the story.
  2. I would LOVE to be lucky enough to get the ones with honey oil on them. Its like a goody bag of roaches haha
  3. haha awesome story. I definitely wouldn't think twice about a bag full of roachs, sure they're halfsmoked stinky ass little things but they're full of delicious resiny goodness and it gets you high. +REP
  4. Haha sounds like me when I first tried those harry potter jelly beans
  5. If I had the choice between a bag of schwag or a bag of dank roachs, I would have taken the roachs.:smoke:
  6. dude im not big on sharing joints with many different might make me an asshole but if i take joints to a concert and they get passed to more than five people, im taking out another one and lighting it. i definitely wouldnt smoke someone else's roaches.
  7. That's awesome! Although my lungs do get raw when smoking roaches. I'd have taken like 10 and put them in the vaporizer.
  8. u shoulda cracked every roach open and fuckin rolled a gynormas ressin assed blunt with mad honey oil and random headie strains to low mid strains.. the taste would be esquisit haha
  9. haha that would be awesome
  10. thats awesome dude
  11. Thats a lot of joints. How many 2nd/3rd gen joints were you able to create?

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