The Almighty POGO

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    i present to you something of our past (or maybe present)


    one of the best things you can do while high

    lets talk about the good the bad and the ugly in our experiences with the pogo stick...

    i was pretty terrible i could only get like 12 hops in a row...:(

    edit: oh yeah i meant from your past not present

    like when you were younger

    but if your older and still pogo...thats cool too :wave: :laughing:

  2. nice I would buy a pogo stick but I would have to send a 12 year old in with the cash

  3. lol yeha my bad i meant back in tha day
  4. fuck that I want one now I just don't know any twelve year olds =]
  5. I live in AZ and I'm only ten!
    Buhhh baii everybody! Buhh baii!!

    /lol que?
  6. They have some "extreme" pogo sticks.

    You can jump high as hell with them.

    Look them up.

  7. yeah, flybars are the shit. i was lucky enough to try one out at a demo one time. they are amazing.
    i alos used to pogo all the time when i was a kid.
  8. I have chose to never POGO again after I got whalloped in the sack trying to use one.
  9. haha that's fucking awesome, I was pretty good at them
  10. Well then I guess I need to send a pm out =]
  11. My friend used to be a master on pogo. Did back/front flips. twirl, all that crazy stunts.
    I still remember my record. It was 420. :p

    SIKE! really, my longest hits was 100 something.

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