The almighty dolla

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  1. See poll guys. Thank you. :)
  2. Dollar has no value anymore. Thanks to stimules and bailout plan.
    We're going have to move to new currency.
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    yep it's playing out perfectly.. we're gonna be broke as a nation, mexico is gonna erupt into a civil war and before you know it the North American Union will be taking form with a new currency aka the AMERO.... I just feel bad for those Canadians
  4. A truly classless society is one with no money at all. Things are just done more locally and sustainably. This happens either by necessity or by power of will.
  5. does the dollar still have legitimacy? Try spending one in the UK.. they'll throw that thing back at you :)
  6. i love the one dollar bill. it has fed my broke ass more times than i can count. if it werent for the dollar menu at mc'd's idk if i would still be here.
  7. Currency just simplifies trade. It is only worth what the trading parties decide it is worth.

    As much as I despise money, I can't eat without it.

  8. My thoughts exactly. However soon enough I won't be able to eat all that much when the dollar dies.
  9. The only thing that matters in American finance is your credit rating actually.

    And its fictional, too!
  10. Well it used to be backed by something but now it's back by faith and credit.
  11. When people realise money is a myth like most religions, the world will drop currency.

    This is not to say religions or money are bad for people, it is just eventually people see the light. Somethings take more time than others though. Currency unlike most religions though is still going through an evolution phase, which if history or science is a good example usually when something evolves, it evolves into something better.

    The problem with the evolution is, if it becomes to specialized, it becomes like a dinosaur.
  12. the almighty dollar
    it aint what it used to be
    hobo used to asked you for a dollar now the motherfucker ask u for three
    the alnighty dollar
    well thats what they used to say
    one dollar used to be a whole lot but it hardly worth shit today
  13. Lots of truth in these posts. For some reason I doubt the government would be happy to know we think like this. :p

    Who has faith or credit anymore?
  14. This is some of the funniet shit I've read on here....:D
  15. The USD is all but non-existent in actual value now.
    Stop creating fake money!!

  16. How many times must currencies fail for us to understand they do?

  17. How do you pay for your Internet connection? How did you pay for your computer? Could you pay for neither of those in this current state of affairs?
  18. A fiat currency is doomed to fail. period end of story.

  19. What are the signs of failure (in realistic terms)?
  20. Well I suppose when I say fail I should say that the U.S. may not literally fail and dissolve but be completely revamped. It may end up in revolution or just in a mass ousting of politicians or whatever. The Fiat system we use now combined with ridiculously irresponsible politicians and our love for kensyian economics is not sustainable. We continually inflate our currency and at some point it is going to get too ridiculous for people to stomach any longer.

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