The All Original Bing

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  1. Behold, the Bing. Like mini I picked a few of these little fellas up at my smoke shop back home, and they take the prize as the best personal pipe I have used to date. Me and my housemates love them, and I have never seen them outside of my local smoke shop. Can be filled with water, and note the carb on the the back. Does anyone else have one of these?

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  2. It' artistic... :rolleyes:
  3. I have the exact same one i got in Chicago a couple years ago
  4. nice looking mini bong .. it looks ceramic tho. is it?
  5. yessir, it is ceramic. I like that about it though, Ive had it for a year or 2, and its proven to be incredibly durable, I have taken it everywhere and it has proven its durability. Best buy for 12 bucks
  6. get 3" or whatever size of FUEL line from an auto store put into The Original Faclory Wess BING after tearing a piece of paper cloth and putting that into The original Falclory Talcory west west BING do not bother about the water you can still inhale the ash into the BING and not get anything in your mouth :eek:
  7. yeah ive got a bing too. its by far my favorite piece. but be careful cause the first time i used mine i burnt the hell out of my bangs lol. where are you from? do you live in illinois? cause i feel like bings are a local thing.
  8. Wtf is a bing
  9. Pretty boring bong no offence but how do you visit so many smoke shops and you fall in love with the smallest (ceramic) bong? For $12 I can totally see why you bought it though, you can't go wrong for a bong you plan to bring places, but for at home you should get glass :p
  10. I got mine from my sister who bought it up in Washington state years ago. I have a friend who wants one real bad, LOL. I took the metal stem and bowl off mine and added a glass bowl, and it does hit really smooth, especially when all I smoke is hydro.:D:D:D:D:D:p:p:p:p:p:p:smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:

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  11. thanks for telling us that all you smoke is hydro
  12. I was wondering if anyone knows where to buy one of these online? My buddy wants one REALLY bad, he is envious of mine, and I wont part with it.:smoke:

  13. theres a place called Grasscity.
  14. ok or u can use a spoon or a bub

    It just doesnt make sense to me
  15. I looked at grasscity's products, but no ceramic bings. I would love to help my buddy get his own, cuz he loves mine so much. Any other websites or help wpold be appreciated. BTW, I looked at your equipment link, and now I'm envious. YOU ROCK!!!!!!!
  16. no it's not just an illinois thing it is defenitly an oregon thing! Eugene to be specific! Got mine for 12 bucks here and it is awesome...
  17. No way, Eugene reppin' right here as well! Where did you get yours? Mid town? HunkyDory? I haven't seen them at either of these shops.

  18. A bong that can be filled with water ? ZOMGZGOMGMGMZMGOM!

    Where can I get one?!?!

  19. it's not a bong, it's a bing.

  20. lolwat?

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