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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by PlAsId HiT, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. ok im tyring to grow some stuff myself. but im not too "dedicated" to it, its more of just giving it a "see if it happens" type of thing, so ive burried a few seeds and just gona let nature take its corse, i burried about 15 seeds and i was wondering, with the occasional watering during dry seasons, what are the odds that they would sprout and grow on there own without any intensive farming techniques?
  2. hi, are they in or outdoors?
  3. there outdoors
  4. im an indoor grower but most of the outdoor growers have been telling people its well to late in the season to plant outside & get bud, do u know roughly when u have ur first frost?
  5. i thoguht about it being late in the season but i live in florida so its pretty warm all year round so i thoguht i would give it a what the hell try and see what would happen, and the way the weather has been the past few years, i shouldent get much frost and if i do it wouldent be really bad and it would warm up within a few hours
  6. thats good, but if u get a frost its game over for em, but u got nothing to loose
  7. as long as you don't get frost you should be alright..but like buddy said, it doesnt matter if its a light frost...frost will fuck your shit up
  8. ok thanks guys
  9. if there is a drop in temperatures it could stress the plants, but a drop in temps could also cause the buds to turn purple...yum.

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