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The All-Holy cross joint

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TommyGun, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. This was the hardest thing I've ever rolled in my life.

    Smoked like a champ though :smoking:

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  2. how'd it light up? niceee?
  3. by any chance at all did the movie Pineapple Express influence the rolling of this holy joint? haven't rolled one myself yet but looks cool*
    Honestly and Truthfully
  4. Sorta man, I saw one rolled before the movie came out and then I saw it in the movie and it clicked in my head, why don't I roll one?

    It smoked great haha, I was actually quite surprised. It's a bitch to roll though.
  5. was it worth it? haha
  6. u smoked jesus =(

  7. um i don't like that or see the use. no offense i do it with blunts or dutches or swisher
  8. O man umm check out the daily smoker on youtube he's got some good tutorials on rollin party papers
    just try "daily smoker" in the search tab.
  9. well done I'm going to have to take a crack that one,

    apparently seth rogen rolled the cross joint we saw in the movie, or so he said on conan the other night.
  10. Who else do you think did? Seth is a fat stoner.
    I was reading somewhere that he almost got kicked out of his own premiere or was it an MTV premiere..anyways , he almost got kicked out for lighting a j.
  11. I always roll blunts, at least 2 a day so I figured I'd try something new.
  12. I must say I have been thoroughly surprised by the amount of people who hadn't seen one of those before that movie.

    So many gay subliminal references in that movie. Soooooo many.

    I saw this guy on a commercial that was identical to Seth Rogan....only he was super skinny and had a head too big for his body.

    If only I could remember...
  13. Thats pretty funny. How'd it smoke?
  14. Nice cross joint. Its the joint our grandchildren are going to be smoking lol.
  15. "The future man... the future" hahaha
  16. That's pretty sick. My friend smoked one of those with his dealer and he said it was cool.
  17. is your friend seth rogan?? lol

    anyone know of instructions on how to craft this bad boy?? like... the technique for making it work lol
  18. yes indeed, this indeed is a joint of the future.
    the thing smoked beautifully. it was filled to the brim with 'ice' - a delicate combination of shiva, skunk, afghan and northern lights. i got so incredibly ripped from this joint that i couldn't see straight

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