The Alfa Portable Vaporizer: A Review

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    <div><div>A review of the features and performance of the new Alfa Portable Vaporizer made by GoBoof.
    ...why ease of use is a big deal when it comes to vaporizers"
    The above quote greets you when you visit the news page of GoBoof, makers of the new Alfa Portable Vaporizer. It's easy to gather from the ensuing dialogue that the folks at GoBoof are fans of the outdoor activity and extreme sports. The internet reveals little about the people behind Goboof, but a forum search revealed a statement that the person behind the design of the Alfa was of a "high pedigree" in the world of vaporizers. "Dopefiend" at FuckCom-, who has apparently talked to the designer says of this mystery person, ..."unlike his previous products, his new one, the Alfa, is battery powered. It's very small and very simple to use, and although it's conduction, he says they've worked hard to ensure that herbs keep their flavor."
    A first look at the Alfa and it's easy to tell that it was designed for active users. The case is made out of
    composite materials that are sturdy enough to endure the bangs and drops of being hauled around. But what users are finding most exciting is it's size. At a mere 3.5 in. long x 1.75 in. wide x .75 in. thick, it's among the smallest por- table vape's on the market. With it's small mouthpiece, the Alfa is a covert vapists dream. Easy to conceal in the palm of your hand, it almost resembles the small transistor radio of a bygone era.
    The Alfa features an all-in-one function dial on top for ease of use. It has 3 manual and 2 auto functions plus a 30 second rapid heat up. The A/P and A/T settings make this the "world's first smart vape." The A/P is for Auto Puff. It senses every time a draw is taken and increases the temperature by 5f degrees ensuring the complete vaporization of your dried blends. The A/T setting is for Auto Time which is a "set and forget" feature which automatically increases the temperature from 374f degrees to 428f degrees inside a 20 minute time period. Along with a 30 second rapid heat up and an auto shut off when not in use, the Alfa is touted as the "Worlds First Smart Vape." So basically, you have countless possibilities to use your Alfa, when combining an automatic with a regular temperature setting. Some prac- tice may be required to reach your favorite personal settings.
    Temperature Settings for the Alpha

    • Low: 374f / 190c A/P: (Auto Puff) Increases temp 5f deg. each draw
    • Med: 410f / 210c  A/T: (Auto Time) Increases temp from 374f to 428f
    • High: 446f / 230c over a 20 minute period

    A high grade lithium ion rechargeable battery enables use of the Alfa Portable Vaporizer at any altitude for up to 2 hours at a time. Initial charge up time can be from 4 to 5 hours. You cannot swap the Alfa battery out with others but a battery replacement program will be offered in the future. The anodized metal chamber uses the center heating pin design heating element which insures a good even burn of your dried blends. The air path is sealed and isolated from the electronics. Loading the Alfa can be a little tricky as the hatch is on the bottom and it won't stand up by itself upside down. It takes roughly a third of the amount herbs that the Pax does, and seems to work best when the compartment is packed tightly. The door latch can be a little tricky also, although once you learn the knack it is virtually impossible for it open by accident in your pocket. The only oven complaint from users so far seems to be the need for a hole in the oven screen that goes over the heating pin to prevent blockage by finely ground blends. (GoBoof is aware of this and is making new screens) Some users have removed the mouthpiece screen due to resin buildup. Other minor complaints are the case getting overly warm with rapid repeated use.
    The Alfa seems to provide both taste and good clouds. Of course, the settings, both manual and automatic will have a major impact on that. So far the general consensus is that it is easy to clean with just a pipe cleaner needed. But far and away the one feature most raved about is the Alfa's compact, stealth, appearance. It could lay on a book shelf and look like nothing more than an innocent black case. It rates well in lack of odor. It is the ideal choice for medical cannabis users who may need to dose often. And it's built tough enough to be thrown into a backpack for a weekend adventure.
    The GoBoof Alfa's parts are sourced in Europe and final assembly is done in Northern Ireland, which is a big deal with a lot of users who prefer UK quality control to China's. As of now the Alfa is a flowers, dried blend vaporizer only. There are plans for an adapter for oils as well as an adapter for water tools and water tools themselves. It is available now in the US and should be available in the UK early in 2015. With a price tag of $199 (€140) it is competi- tively priced with it's peers, Pax and Indica. Both of whom should be looking their respective shoulders as the competition has arrived. And it's name is Alfa.
    Kit Includes:
    • 1 pc. Alfa Portable Vaporizer 1 pc. Charger
    • 1 pc. Mouthpiece
    • 1 pc. Users manual

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    Looks really nice
  3. The Alfa Vaporizer looks really awesome. I can't wait to try my mine! 
  4. This looks and sounds rather poor. Just had my second Solo Arizer stolen and am in the market for something new... but $200 for something that holds barely any weed, minimal heat settings, and a rotary knob?! Plus the other issues mentioned in the review... seems a big pricey and not quite worth that much money.
    If you liked the Solo, you may want to check out the new Air.    It's the Solo in a much smaller package.
  6. Can anyone tell me what the output amperage is on the ac charger?   
  7. I like the auto temp increase... Since the oven in a conduction vape is always on its nice to have a gradual temp increase so all ur essential oils aren't liberated as it sits on the coffee table lol
  8. Better late than never?    5.0v - 1.2amp
    Here are another few shots while I was testing it with the Vapium Summit:  (The Alfa definitely wins on vapor quality and portability)
  9. looks like a flowermate
  10. It has a few more features than the flowermate, but I agree it does look similar. The general consensus over at fuck combustion is that it's a pretty solid little vape!
  11. I've used the ALFA multiple times and think it's a nice vape. I'd highly suggest this over the flowermate anyday regardless of what ppl say.
  12. Have you ever used it through a water pipe? How dense are the clouds with this vape, and how much do you load per session?
  13. ya it doesn't seem bad, but I would say these are totally different price categories. Alfa is more in the Airizer Air range at $180-200, whereas Flowermates are now $65.
  14. With the ALFA I have not used it with any water pipe attachment or setup so I'm not much help in that area. I couldn't imagine it being bad though if you did happen to rig one up lol.
  15. Is the Alfa twice as expensive as similar vapes on the market?
  16. I was wondering if anyone knows if that company might have discounts for disabled people? I need to find the easiest thing that works with dry herbs. Recovering from a stroke and meningitis so I'm a bit of a flake these days. I need the idiot proof Vaporizer!!! Somebody should write vaporizers for
  17. I LOVE my alfa
  18. If you are in the USA You can buy an Alpha from a Canadian website and save almost 25% on the currency conversion.

    For more vaporizer info check out FC. There you can find the sponsors info, you may try to approach a vendor. Puffitup has a place on their website for specials.
    If you are interested there is much much more vape info on FC.

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