The Album That All Stoners Should Hear At Least Once Before They Die

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  1. Well true rock and roll may very well be dead, but that doesn't mean that the 90's didn't produce some of the best the genre had to offer. In steps The Verve... Most of you probably know them for one song and one song only, Bittersweet Symphony. And it's kind of a shame that they'll probably only EVER be known for this song because A Northern Soul, to this day, is still one of the best albums ever recorded in ANY genre.

    Now I may be a little biased, what with my absolute love for this band and it kinda pains me to see that The Verve are never brought up when the subject of great rock and roll comes up. Do yourself a favor, go out and buy this album, or pirate or whatever the fuck you do to get your music... Get stoned, as stoned as you've ever been and then pop in this album. I challenge you to come back and say to me that it was shit... It's the kind of album that grows on you, you may not get the style at first but after each play through I think you'll come around. It's not a singles album, you know, it's the kind of album that works when played all the way through, from first to last track.

    And it sounds even better when you realize that this entire album was recorded under the influence of ecstasy.... MASSIVE amounts of ecstasy and because of this, you can feel the pure emotion felt by each and every member of the band, it's one of the most cohesive albums you will ever hear.

    This album on 5 grams of mushrooms literally changed my life :D

    Here's two tracks off the album. One to give you an idea of how hard they can rock it, and one to show you how emotional and beautiful they can be.

    [ame=""]YouTube - The Verve History Glastonbury 08[/ame]

    So yah, enough from me... If you want to hear some great experimental space psychedelia rock then look no further. Come back here and tell me what you thought.
  2. The Verve is a staple man. No doubt.

    "The Drugs Don't Work" is a gorgeous, gorgeous song.

    I'll keep in mind your shroom experience. I've never listened to them high actually.
  3. Yeah "Drugs Don't Work" is an amazing song.. One of their most emotional

    Check out this acoustic cover

    [ame=""]YouTube - richar ashcroft - the drugs don't work(acoustic)[/ame]
  4. great song.. never got into the verve much, but that doesnt mean i think they arent good.. i need to look up more of their songs

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