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  1. So I'm doing a dwc 5 gallon bucket system, And I've gotten pretty much everything needed except the air pump, the air hoses, and air stones.  Considering I'm trying to avoid the cheapy pumps, but at the same time not go overboard with super expensive, would the GH Dual Diaphram pump be adequite for all 4 buckets?  Or do I need to go bigger?  Also 4 inch airstones, 1 per bucket unless I really need 2 per bucket.  This is my first hydro set up so I just want to do it right. 

  2. The GH pump that is like 356gph? I bet that would run 4 buckets to start with. I like to have 2-4 stones per bucket (depending on bucket size). Air to the root zone is as important as light and CO2 to the leaf surface.
    I have a 20 gallon tub as my DWC reservoir, 8 gallons of water in it and 4-coke can size airstones with one 110 liter per hour (440 gph) air pump. My girl sits in a jaquzzi all day long and she LOVES it!!! She loves it enough to give me 650 grams last round!!!
  3. Here is a pic of my set up. One plant SCROGGED out to produce over a pound per harvest. This pic is at day 24 of flower on a Plush Berry.

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    It actually equals out to roughly 328 to 329 gph.  Although I'm not using a resivour, my grow tent/room set up is consistantly 64 to 66' f so it's going to make water temp much easier to maintain.
    Although ironically enough I'm doing plushberry.  It's freaking sold out all the time so I got the beans while they had them in stock.  I'd love to give DNA Gen. ReCon a go, but that's been sold out for over a year.
  6. Your 5 gallon bucket being your reservoir!
    66 degrees is perdy cold for young or growing plants! Their stomata don't open when they are to cold or to hot. It keeps them from using CO2 and transpiring IMO. 75-80 is ideal theoretically. 
  7. As long as your water temps stay under 75 degrees, your good. Unless you can run chillers. I have noticed too, that the more O2 I pump to the roots the cooler the rez stays by about 3 degrees in my case.
    I believe that GH pump will be fine to start with!

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