The Aggression of North Korea

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  1. Lets not hope it's the same aggression we saw before Vietnam.

    Where the U.S. sank its own ship to enter the war.

    And here's the U.S. creating another option to bog us down in a foreign country so that our military spending continues. There's no real communist threat anymore so I hope we don't even get close to that conflict.
  2. Kim is just angry that his latest shipment of Hennessey and lobster tails arrived late.

    In all seriousness, probably nothing will come of this, the US really can't afford to go to war with DPRK. Kim is probably just acting up so the international community will pay attention to him again and hopefully give his people some more food
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    ^^^ you are right, there is no way that the US wants to confrot North Korea right now

    hmm, i really doubt that the US had anything to do with the sinking...
    and North Korea hates South korea enough to sink the ship by themselves, also this is not the first time something like this happens.

    Sinking South Korea's ship wouldn't be North Korea's first provocative act -
  4. Ok first of all the Tonkin Gulf stuff man we didn't sink our own ship. That's crazy talk. Second if you don't think the US will go to war with North Korea if they decide to go "all out war" you must have missed the last few wars we've had cause they've basically started the same way. Evil person invades country that the US has interests in (ex. Kuwait and their oil) we come in and save the day. And trust me the US has interest in South Korea. We'll go to war if we have to.
  5. I am not saying that the US wouldnt get involved if an all out war started, thats obvious.
    however I dont think US is going to provoke North Korea
  6. No we wouldn't start anythig with North Korea that is true but if South Korea starts somethigs I bet we'll join in.
  7. The two navy's apparently clash regularly over the disputed sea border and last November S. Korea pretty much destroyed(set on fire, and the ship had to go back to harbour) a N. Korean ship so this may have been in response to that.
  8. We are already stationed in South Korea
  9. - U.S. officials: North Korea tests long-range missile - Jul 4, 2006
    July 5, 2006 - North Korean missile tests, which could carry a nuclear payload

    North Korea 'launches massive cyber attack on Seoul' - Times Online

    May 25, 2009 - "North Korea claimed it had conducted a 'successful' nuclear test which was more powerful than its first nuclear test in October 2006."

    July 9, 2009 - North Korea Launches cyber attacks on South Korea and US, South korea would be especially vulnerable to this because over
    This could give If North Korea disrupts the flow of information, it could gain a large advantage in a conflict with South Korea or the US.

    New Updated Timeline of North Korea's Missile Flight Tests

    S.Korea starts installing border propaganda speakers | My Sinchew May 25, 2010 - South Korea has cut off trade with the North and resumed Cold War style propaganda broadcasts at the already tense border.

    North Korea has threatened to fire on these speakers

    I say the evidence suggests that North Korea is, and has been, preparing for a military conflict with South Korea. I highly doubt that this was a false accusation considering a multinational staff conducted the investigation that found North Korea to blame for the Cheonan incident
  10. I know we are already stationed in South Korea. I was suggesting that we would help out if Soth Korea decided to invade the north.
  11. the u.s. would be crushed by N Korea.
  12. Doubt it, there's no oil in north korea is there?
  13. no but if this goes to full scale what we're looking at is a war with the US, Japan, and south Korea on one side and North Korea and China on the other...this could get very sticky to say the least
  14. I'm interested in hearing who the "evil person" is in the scenario, and from what perspective, because the United States is the most hardcore gang of terrorists in the world. We bully over 170 countries like they're our bitches, and if we don't get what we want, we destabilize them covertly, make them throw "the first punch" (after we've been beating the shit out of them behind the curtain), then we pretend like we're the victims and we're just trying to help save the world, its people, and the freedoms they deserve!

    ... but we're just killing civilians. We free them of their lives, and of their oil, because we need to drink millions of gallons a day in order to keep lining the pockets of the wealthy bankers who run this country.
  15. If the Korean War resumes after all this time:

    Here are the three outcomes I see happening.

    1. Skirmish for a while, people on both sides die, leading to an eventual true. Nothing realy changes

    2. N. Korea gets tottaly destroyed. No more Kim Jong Ill and Korea is united into one country. (With a very tense social atmosphere for the next 40-50 years)

    3. USA gets invloved in conflict which in turn causes China to get involved leading to WW3. Scary thought but it's definatly possible.
  16. I dont think anything will happen involving the US because of the risk of China getting involved. Normally the US in its imperialists nature will attack any country with the vaguest argument against it but with the risk of China and their economic dominance not to mention nuclear warheads it is unlikely all out war will happen.
  17. LOLWUT?

    Pfft, South Korea has teh best Starcraft players in the world! They don't need our help. They already have enough pylons.
  18. still, imo, pieces of trash like kim jong il need to be put down. This is where i have full support of good old fashion CIA assassination missions :hello:

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