The Age Old, Wake and Bake Question...

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    Before or after you brush your teeth?


    Assuming you brush your teeth that is :p
  2. Acourding to Redman, you gotta brush your teeth first this way you get the taste of overnight out your mouth and it makes the weed taste better.
  3. If i'm wake and bakin there is nothing in my near future that will require minty fresh breath. Fuck brushing.

  4. Redman knows shit, but some mornings I feel like UNABOMB3R when it comes to this subject
  5. All on preference.

    Hell, id load a bowl, hit it a few times, go brush the pearls and come back to said bowl.

    Best of both worlds. :smoke:
  6. On the weekends my teeth don't get brushed unless I shower or go out.

    So before. Lol

    Weekdays I'm twice a day though.
  7. Smoke first then brush. I know it nasty But fuk it i aint gona be talkin to no1 and i like that raw stoney feeling of blazin up when ur still a bit groggy from waking up. When you brush you wake up a lil, jus my input
  8. Am I the only one that has smoked whilst brushing?
    I smoke in my bathroom. one time I brushed too teeth, then rinsed, smoked, brushed bottom teeth, rinse, smoke lol.
    Usually I brush after though :)
  9. Sometimes right before brushing, but I've never done both at once :smoking:
  10. Everything is everything.
  11. I say before. Just cause the bowl is in my room and when I do choose to wake and bake I pack it before I go to sleep.

  12. Much love
  13. Just don't go to the dentist high...,all those sharp objects and pictures of gingivitis... No Buenos
  14. I don't think I've ever brushed my teeth and then waked and girl and I usually just wake up, load a bowl, flip on the T.V. and smoke that shit lol.
  15. After, I don't like weed breath.

  16. Buttt on the other hand smoke good enough weeed and hopefully your mouth aint sooo stank it overpowers you buds:eek:

    Plus, ya gotta brush that resin off or it well...gonna turn em yellow...amirite?? :confused_2:
  17. Depends on my mood. Sometimes I shower, brush, get my breakfast ready, then smoke up and munch away - other days I groggily get out of bed, clamber over to my desk, pull out my pipe and hit it right away.
  18. All depends on how tired I am when I wake up. Most of the time I'll try and do it after, I like the minty freshness of the cone.
  19. i brush my teeth before and after, i'm a clean person lol
  20. I smoke before brushing just because the cottonmouth makes it easier to brush

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