the age old question, Metallica or Megadeth

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  1. personally i think Megadeth have outlasted Metallica as far as being metal goes Metallica is now more a new age rock band were Megadeths new album was actually pretty good i wouldnt call it real old schoool thrash but metal none the less, i love Metallica as much as the next guy but thier old stuff......i think Megadeth has done a better job with staying consistent, your thoughts?
  2. I totally agree with you, in my view Metallica put out many good albums back in the day and just about everyone knows a Metallica song.
  3. Megadeth FTW!!! i seen them in concert and they were better than Heaven and Hell in my opinion. so many great songs! and metallica is ok but megadeth just is great all around i guess
  4. im goin to see Heaven and Hell in september , its gonna slay, i've been to two Gigantours and i plan on going this year as well
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  6. I have to go with Metallica on this one. Nothing beats Master of Puppets and ...And Justice For All. The first two are awesome too. I really like Megadeth but honestly I find a lot of their material sub-par.
  7. well, it was metallica that created megadeth...

    but, in reality, i think megadeth have outlasted metallica stylistically. they are just so much more... metal!

    but i do have love for metallica, they were the first band i really got into, and megadeth are just simply awesome, so its sort of a tie i guess.
  8. METALI-FUCKING-CA!!! Yeah, that's cheesy I know, but I've never gotten into Megadeth much. Hangar 18 is okay, but overall I simply think Dave Mustaine is a douchebag. On a musical level, I find metallica's first four excellent. They went downhill, and it looks they are still going.
  9. Megadeth is good and all but I prefer Metallica. I can listen to most of Metallica's cd all the way through but I can't do that with Megadeth.

    Also Pantera came in for the steal.
  10. Metallica most definately. Not to mention megadeth didn't even exist until Dave got kicked out in like 82 or 83.
  11. lol dude....come on.......Metallica did not create megadeth at all.....Dave mustaine created megadeth he played guitar for metallica before megadeth....and he got kicked out for being a Violent Alcoholic....if anything Dave helped make Metallica, 4 Horseman...yeah Daves song....all they did was change it a little and the lyrics, you know the song Mecanix yeah its the same song, also if you pay attention you can see that Dave Mustaine is written under Composers of alot of songs on Ride The Lightning, Call of Kuthulu being one of them....dont get me wrong i love metallica but that was one of the more ignorent statements i have ever heard
  12. the four horsemen is one of metallicas greatest songs. musically, it is a masterpiece, and metallica with dave mustaine as guitarist recorded and wrote some of the most amazing thrash metal songs of our time.

    i was not saying that metallica literally created megadeth, dont take me for a fool, my moms brother Brian Cohen was vice president of publication and communications for elektra records, so, i know the ins and outs of the band pretty well.

    all i am saying is that metallica kicking dave out created the band megadeth (as it is today) and they are the only band i consider on par with metallica, but you cannot deny the fact that as of late, metallica have lost touch with their traditional sound and moved on to directing their music to the masses. megadeth have stayed true to their roots and continued to produce great music, although their new album isnt that great from what ive heard off of it.

    please do not call me ignorant, you misunderstood my statement.
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  14. man if only they werent trying to play such complicted riffs LOL
  15. omg.

    so im listening to the new megadeth album... holy fuck. its really good.
  16. Overall, Metallica rule this one. I like both bands, but as far as straight up good tunes are concerned, Metallica all the way. However, I agree with what was said regarding consistency... Metallica's St. Anger album was by far their worst, it was god awful horrible to tell you the truth. Didn't they have a new bass player for that album? Anyway, Metallica haven't made a horrible song in their history until St. Anger in my opinion. When I'm stoned and wanna listen to some kick ass riffs, drums (Ulrich is amazing), and vocals, ya can't go wrong with Metallica.
  18. i have to agree...metallica did not create megadeth. Sure they created the situation for Dave Mustaine to go crazier and get angrier and more bitter and want his "revenge" n shit. But Without Dave's talents, drive, songwriting and creative visions it wouldve never got off the ground or made any noise.
  19. Out of the two... Metallica.

    But only because I think the "Kill 'Em All", "Ride the Lightning", and "Master of Puppets" albums are some of the best metal albums in history, period.

    But Megadeth has put out amazing music as well, and are even more consistent today, and better sounding today than Metallica is, imho.

    But you just can't beat Metallica's first three albums, man.

  20. still missing my point. yes mustaine co-wrote some of the best metal songs ever under the metallica name, but it was his departure from the band that created the only equal force in metal, and you cannot deny that. metallica did not literally create them, but out of the rearrangement of the bands lineup, came megadeth, and that is what i meant by creation.

    on a lighter note, i finnished listening to the new album and its freakin brilliant. i highly recomend the album to any metallica/megadeth fan. although daves vocals arent at his prime by any means, and the lyrics do at points leave something to be desired, all in all, its a brilliant album.

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