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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by deadhead, Apr 10, 2002.

  1. Life at school is a bitch not all the time just certain classes. Today I had all the classes that sucked. poor me, going to what should be a long grueling day. As it turns out, today was a great day. One of the best ive had at school. The day started normally with Health class. That's where we learn about the dangers of drugs, beer, sex and everything else fun. We took a hard fucking test that I fear I failed. Oh well the day goes on.
    Next I had English but we spent class time at the computer lab to type essays. Because I'm a lazy pothead I never wrote mine so I typed some bullshit and finished with time to spare. I would have wondered over to GTU but we dont have the Internet in the lab we went to. So I spent my extra time seeing if I could remember HTML. So I wrote a site script on the notepad. The computer teacher wandered over to see what I was doing and said wow. she complimented me and gave me some candy.
    Next class is the worst one I had. Math. I hate the teacher and I hate the student teacher observing the class. She gives out pop quizzes all the time. a lot of homework and we never get free day. Usually I'll skip class or show up really late. When I am there I do no work, I sleep, throw stuff and call out with smartass comments. Today she tried to do something different with the class. We played a game! As she was passing around the cards she told us
    (teacher) "not to write on them"
    (me) "why"
    "because I said so"
    "Then that's all the more reason to write on them"
    "then you dont get to play"
    "then I'm leaving" and I walked out the door. I went to the study hall room until lunch and started talking to my friend. Then he asked if I wanted to smoke. So I left the room and 5 minuets later my friend left and we walked outside and smoked a cigg. Then my friend reached into his coat and pulled out a flask full or rum. We passed it back and fourth until it was gone. My friend was a bit gone but I was fine.
    We walked back into the building and lunch had started. At lunch I found the joy of acting like a freshman again. Me and another friend threw bottle caps at eachother.
    After that I went to my last class of the day which was American history. Nothing much happened there until I got called down to the office.
    At the office the principle asked why I was acting up in math. I said that I hated the teacher and I can't stand her. So they took me out of math class and put me in a study hall (the same one that has my drunken friend in it). I didn't get into any trouble either.
    That's why I'm so happy. When I got home I wrote a song about how math sucks.
  2. wow, man just the candy would make my day... hehehe :)
    but having a good day, and reflecting on it is a good feeling.
  3. sounds like a good day, i need one of those
  4. You have 5 classes your lucky i got 9 periods of hell except lunch. you better watch out with that drinking during school i drank like a gatorade bottle like 20 oz full of Jack Daniels before school and some ugly girl told on me so I had to go to the ap's office but he didnt really care acting like he didnt know what was going on so I went to gym and threw up like 3 times on the football field now thats a great day. lol
  5. my day so far has consisted of calling in sick...
    but yesterday i will not share for you as it may depress you how crappy my job is ;)
    deadhead sounds like you had an alright day! i'm surprised oyu didn't get in trouble for walking out of your class in my high school i woulda been busted!
  6. Today was a pretty good day except that it won't STOP RAINING! All day today and all day yesterday. I'm trying not to let the weather get me down though. I'll probly go out in the rain and smoke a bowl later. That'll cheer me up.

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