the adventures of pete and pete!

Discussion in 'General' started by brian hobo, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. you guys remember this show? used to air on nickelodeon in the 90s. i downloaded a bunch of episodes and want to make a vcd. this show is so amazingly good.
  2. Oh my god, you guys are bringing back some memories. I never really watched many cartoons. but you guys made me think of Rocko's Modern Life. How I loved that show! I guess it's probably still around, but I haven't watched nickelodeon for years now.

  3. wtf, they were 14 and couldn't stay at home by themselves? where they retarded or something?

  4. Dude where you download em from? That show was the shit.
  5. ya dude back when nicklodeon was good

    pete and pete kicks ass

    double dare anyone? :D
  6. haha that show was sweet! anybody remember Camp Onowana? haha that show was the shit i'd love to see that stoned.
  7. how bout doug? lol

  8. rofl salute your shorts!!
  9. camp onawona, we hold you in our hearts, and when we think about you...

    i hated rocko's modern life. doug was the man, with his friend skeeter who was blue. he'd always beatbox and shit. fun stuff.
  10. the best was Beavis and Butthead (i know, i know, not nickelodeon. its still an old cartoon). And they have it on MTV2 sometimes now, its badass.

  11. Highgirly was just fucking with Brian Hobo, cause his balls havent dropped yet.
  12. rockos modren life is sweet dude ..its was kinda weird and messed up though. i guess thats australians for ya.

  13. Hah, we used to always watch that show back in the day. And really, thats the only episode I can think of off the top of my head, shit was creepy.


  14. whaa?

    the band polaris that did the theme song (hey sandy) and a bunch of other songs for the show are real good, download some of their stuff.

  15. We are just fucking with you cause your so young.
  16. haha, says who?
  17. On your web page you clearly state that your 18.

    so I guess that means you did.
  18. haha, sucks to be me. :-x
  19. it aint that bad. ;)
  20. hahaha nice edit, thanks man.

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