The absolutelt dumbest thing you've done stoned...

Discussion in 'General' started by SantaKush, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. Whats the stupidest thing you've done high?

    For me it would have to be this time I was stoned as fuck, and I wanted a sandwich. So I made a ham and cheese. Well I bit into the sandwich and it was really tough. Like really tough and chewy. I was like, "WTF, why is this ham so tough?" I continued to eat it, and after I ate like half of it I looked down and THE PLASTIC WAS STILL ON THE CHEESE LOL

    Yeah that's right, I ate half a ham and cheese sandwich with the plastic still on the cheese :hello:

    So whats the stupidest thing you've done high?
  2. Oh...SO many things...
  3. I can't remember.

  4. Definitely when I forgot how doors worked. Just absolutely perplexed me. The whole locking function, and the twisting of the knob, everything just threw me for a real loop.
  5. Zoned out in the line at the grocery store when it came time to swipe my card.

    A few minutes later, the cashier's waving her hand in front of me ... "Uh, sir?! Hello?!?!"
  6. That happened to me before. Except my dad made the sandwich for me. Except I was in kindergarten so I was too dumb to realize it was plastic. And I kept eating.
  7. Locked myself out of the house... got in my house.. locked myself out of the house... got in the house.. Got in my car ready to leave for a road trip... locked my keys in my car and left my other set of keys in my house... Got in my house... got my extra keys... smoked another blunt left.
  8. LMAO keep 'em comin'
  9. anytime i deal with large, clear sliding glass doors. they perplex me.

    also almost got a hooker in amsterdam; not to fuck her, but just to see what i could do. curiousness...
  10. Stupidest thing I've done while high?

    Let down my guard long enough to get busted.
  11. Damn, that sucks dude...

    I guess I'll post another one, not that big of a deal though. But I put a pizza in the oven to cook for thirty minutes and I came back and I never turned the oven on lol it took an hour to cook one little totinos, lmao
  12. I smoked some weed...
    I forgot what I was trying to think of.
  13. Mine would have to be, I was so stoned I was holding out my container and weed, and I was walking towards 7/11 to get some snacks, the whole time I was walking there, I noticed I've been holding the container full of weed outside. In the open.:rolleyes:
  14. hahahaha the way it should be
  15. Drove for hours with my boy smoking blunt after blunt on our way to hooters and ended up in another state at an Good times! :smoke:
  16. Fell asleep behind the wheel for about 3 seconds and crashed into a mailbox. It was no ordinary mailbox either, it was steel and it flung my car back onto the road. :eek:

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