The ABSOLUTE Worst and Scariest Night of my Life - Why the Hell Did This Happen?!

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    [FONT=&quot]Last night, Sunday February 15, 2009, was by far the worst night of my life...[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]What I consumed[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]1.5 shots of supposed smirnoff that tasted and smelled like rubbing alcohol[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]2 shots of 80 proof Vodka - Popov
    [FONT=&quot] The TimeLine
    *Note* The last day is very hazy and my memory is slowly blanking out the night.

    10:00 am - The day started out with an indoor soccer game that I always love to go to.
    I smoked some Cali lemon haze before and some after before going out to eat with the team... I was feeling GREAT!

    1:30 pm - Smoked a bowl of that haze mixed with my friends blueberry - I've smoked them both before[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot] 2:00 - Started out on a hike to look for my new outdoor grow site - Probably walked 2 or 3 miles
    [FONT=&quot] 2:30 pm - Smoked a 1.5 gram blunt of mids mixed with my lemon haze - was feeling high but not BLOWN.. Just feeling good.
    [FONT=&quot] 3:00 pm - Found my new grow site.. Let's just say it was PERFECT and I was high on life
    4:00 pm - Head back to my friend / grow buddies house.
    [FONT=&quot] 6:00 pm - Watched two of my buds trip salvia and had some real good conversations with them
    [FONT=&quot] 7:00 pm - Start smoking some bud... This is where it really starts to get a little hazy. Probably smoked between 2-3 grams mixed between blunts and bubbler hits
    [FONT=&quot] 9:00 pm - I was feeling really good! Real social, having fun talking to everyone etc...
    [FONT=&quot] 9:15 pm - We hollowed out a white owl and had a HUGE blunt between like 5 people... I really didn't feel THAT high though and was purposely taking small hits because I knew I'd be drinking... Cut off the blunt halfway through to finish it later.


    10:00 pm - One of my best friends brought over some supposed Smirnoff he had stolen from his parents liquor cabinet. He said he got it straight out of the bottle and he had even drank a little before and been alright. Well I decided to take a little shot of this because I love Smirnoff and can drink it easy without a chaser etc. just because it's pretty mild vodka. Well I took maybe a shot and a half in one swig and almost died. This shit burned 20X worse that Popov or 5-O clock and killed my chest for a good ten minutes. When my friends smelled it, it smelled like rubbing alcohol or some other type of strong alcohol that most likely wasn't meant to be drunk... The only thing is that it was straight from my friends PARENTS liquor cabinet.

    10:15 pm - Took two shots of Popov and was feeling a little tipsy... especially because of that hell drink I had drunk earlier.

    11:00 pm - Finished up that previous BIG blunt and still wasn't feeling really high... More drunk.

    It not gets VERY VERY hazy and I actually have no idea what time it was when I went upstairs but I'll say 12

    12:00 pm - I go up stairs I think to go to the bathroom. As I'm standing up taking a piss and concentrating on hitting the toilet I start to feel VERY nausious and out of it... I remember wavering a bit and having to stop pissing and lean on the wall etc... The next part I don't remember AT ALL... Just little tiny fragments of what I think happened...
    I remember full out TRIPPING (worse than any salvia trip I've ever had) and imagining random shit while not realizing where I was...

    I remember not knowing who I was, where I was, or who I was with. I remember thinking I wasn't anything and that time and eternity weren't ever going to stop... This whole time I could feel myself thrashing about and hitting myself on hard objects.

    When I woke up I was wrapped around the bottom of the toilet and the tub/shower and my shin and forearm hurt badly. I also could not find my hat which happened to be lodged between the shower faucet and the side wall. My hat could have possibly saved me some major head injuries as I may have hit my head when I blacked out but the padding saved me.

    At this point people had heard my fall and thrash about in the bathroom so they come in and find me curled on the floor and WHITE as a corpse. They had no idea what was going on because I had ONLY consumed 3.5 shots and smoked marijuana... No hard drugs to overdose on.
    My vision was severely distorted and my face was burning.

    I'm not sure how I first started to vomit, but I remember when I did it was like a firehouse. I didn't feel it coming but it shot all over the floor, until I redirected it into the toilet. I vomited until nothing else would come out and felt better for a few minutes while cold rags were applied to my face and neck.
    [FONT=&quot]I was still VERY pale and white and had little to no color in my skin at all. This was the whitest anyone at the party had ever seen ANYONE and these were some big partiers.
    [FONT=&quot] I remember lying on the floor staring at the T.V. to try to focus on something and if I looked away I couldn't see anything else. Every time I would look away I would get very nauseous and would dry gag into the toilet for another 5 minutes. This would happen every 4-5 minutes until my stomach felt as if it had been turned inside out.

    1:00 am - I took off my shirt and pants because they were covered with vomit and had they washed

    I finally managed to get up off the floor and sat on the couch where I was finally starting to relax. The past hour had felt like days and my body was more tired than it had ever been.

    Every 5 minutes or so I would burp and nothing would come up but I would run to the bathroom where I would dry vomit into the toilet. I kept drinking water throughout this to make sure I didn't hurt my stomach.

    After vomiting one final time I laid down in front of the T.V. on the floor and this helped allot.

    1:45 am - I passed out

    8:00 am - I felt almost perfectly normal except for a head ache and that my arm and shin are both bruised and swollen.

    So grass city...

    Can you tell me WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?!?!?!
    I am scarred as hell to smoke or drink because if this happens again I will be done for life.

    This was by far the scariest and most dangerous night of my life and I hope it will remain that way.

    I just thank god for my friends and the fact that I didn't hit my head.
    I also thank my girlfriend for buying that hat for me for V-Day and possibly saving me some major brain damage.[/FONT]

  2. You were pissing and hitting a bowl at the same time?

    Also, what kind of hat were you wearing with so much cushioning?

    It sounds like you shouldn't have drank the stuff your friend brought over.

  3. As much as I would like to read what you wrote, (this makes my opinion invalid for not) its up to you to decide what your body intakes mang.
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    I had 3 and a half shots and I SMOKED marijuana?

    I've done that every weekend for the past year?

    Why the fuck was it so different this time?

    Haha I'm sorry... I meant hitting the TOILET BOWL not a pipe bowl... I'll edit that to prevent further confusion

    and it was a padded beanie.. I'm not positive if I hit my head.. Like I said I don't remember the night hardly at all anymore but if I did, the hat def. helped. I'm just glad it was there
  5. weed extrapolates the effect of alcohol (in my experience).
  6. That's definetly true but only 3 or so shots?

    I've never been that fucked up in my LIFE and I've smoked WAY more and drank WAY more than I did that night.

    This was downright terrifying
  7. Fuckin' eh...

    I try not to mix the two anymore. I get drunk too quickly.
  8. Why post if you didn't read what I wrote? Your basing your comment off the title. I put some time into making this as detailed as possible.

    I obviously know what I'm putting into my body and my limits... I know them pretty well.

    The wierd and scary part of this experience is that this quanitity of marijuana + alcohol SHOULD have been WAY under my limits....
  9. I've never drank ever clear but maybe?

    His parents though are not heavy drinkers and this was straight from the smirnoff bottle.
    He stored it in a plastic water bottle. I've drank smirnoff alot though and this def. was NOT smirnoff

    Popov is the fucking trash of Vodka and I could drink Popov like water compared to w/e he gave me.
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    Dont get me wrong, I just didnt have the patience at the moment, my point is, your first objective is to take care of yourself, no matter what the limit/situation is.
    Sometimes it not just the intake, but the situation that makes the difference, not to mention any intake that day, if its medicine, food, emotions, these can all make the difference.
    At the end of the day, learn from what happened and treat yourself well, because no one else will.
  11. I don't know what the effects of methanol poisoning are, but chances are, if it seemed like rubbing alcohol, it was rubbing alcohol... it's not the same as everclear, different feeling against skin, I would assume it would burn like you described when taking shots...

    So yeah... did your friend drink any of that? I don't know WHY, but he could have lied to you and given you iso. Or his parents could have foolishly (and almost murderiously) decided to stop him stealing their alcohol, and put rubbing alcohol in their vodka.

  12. I wonder if he kept it.. If so I'm going to have to examine it...

    He took a shot but he always takes pussy ass shots so it was probably a tiny little sip... It burned him pretty bad too, but since he didn't take as much as I did in the gulp it must not have hit him as hard.

    And this is the first time (I think) that he has even stolen alc from his parents... So I doubt that'd be why... I have no idea why it could have gotten switched.

  13. Thats also another interesting point... I could see myself trippin' bad because of a bad setting or situation BUT I was in an AMAZING mood. I was VERY comfortable with the place (I chill there 2-3 nights a week) and the people (my best buds since middle school)

    I was also in a great mood because of finding my new growsite.. I had no negative vibes going on at all that night.


    It took around an hour or two to kick in before those three measly shots + weed started to really mirk me.
  14. Whats your diet like? Do you have good understanding of what your specific body needs and when? I can tell you if you eat fast food/food not meant for human consumption this can have a HUGE effect on your extra intake.
  15. I actually eat fairly well for a senoir in highschool... Much much better than any of my class mates...

    I also didn't change my eating patterns at all the previous few days... If anything they improved!

    The night before I had a strictly vegetarian salad with some other healthy stuff at a vegan restaurant.

    That day I can't remember exactly what I had but I think it was home cooked. Which means that it probably was pretty healthy.
  16. These are my thoughts as well.
  17. Well i hope you keep in mind, a healthy body is a healthy diet, sometimes introducing your body to things that might not seem....tasty. Not saying this is why, but its so important to take care of your body to eliminate problems prior to exterior issues ya know?
  18. I just said that I have a good diet..
    I'm not going to pin this off on diet at all because my dietary patterns have not changed... If anything they have improved...

    I'm in great shape and eat home cooked meals at least 5 times a week.

    Diet did not cause this.
  19. I think ur friend acedently brought eveclear,or 151 rum and u drunk way to much of it. From what u said it sounds like u were really crossfaded. I have been as fucked up as u had said and it definetly feels like hell.

    Did any of ur other friends drink that shit

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