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  1. Hey guys, I am interested in hearing your stories about the highest you've ever been. No, I'm not talking stoned. I'm talking "will I ever come down from this?" high. The highs where you lose fractions of real-life time or wonder how it is even possible to be as high as you are and be alive. I want to hear it! 
    The highest I've ever been was my first time getting high. I smoked and smoked because I didn't feel anything. When it hit me, I was losing fractions of real life time. I would be at one friends house and then suddenly be at another's. I didn't know where I was or how I got there. I completely freaked out and occasionally blacked in and out a few times. Was not fun!

  2. The highest I've ever been definitely involved drugs that I can't really discuss on GC....
  3. I ate too many edibles, and I actually started tripping. I had mild hallucinations; mild breathing surfaces and such, and I started thinking that what if every moment was a slightly different alternate universe, and that the hallucinations were just that in the new universe I entered, that everyhing was in a slightly different position, and that moving through the multiverse made everything look like it was "breathing" because it was in a new position every moment. And my thoughts got shuffled, like I thought that every thought I ever experienced in my entire life was shuffled and placed randomly in my mind for the duration of the high, and there was no way to get out of the thought loop, because if everything was a random thought of something I thought about during my life, and I wasn't enjoying my thoughts, it meant I was trapped in an endless cycle of negative thoughts. Mathematically, if you take a random sample, and it's negative all the time, it means the vast majority of the whole (that you took the randomsample from -- the thoughts) is negative. I had CEVs (infinite amount of connected 3d triangular prisms that the points close to you would become concave and what was previously concave would shift, so it popped out at me) and I could hear noises coming from different colors and I couldn't control the shifts in the focus of my visual field. I ended up puking and pulling a whitey.
  4. Damn, that would have got me. The only thing about being really high that I don't like is my heart starts to beat REALLY fast and I can't help but become anxious when that happens. 
  5. From only weed.... Probably one if the first times I got high and I was vaporising some weed and when I closed my eyes listening to music i got some intense closed eye visuals that looked like an animated music video with dancers and some ligit routine going on, I was just in awe at how my mind managed to create what I was seeing

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  6. I've been super enjoyably insanely high feeling body numbness and warmth. But what OP descibes, is a weed induced panic attack.
  7. From weed it had to be the first time I smoked after 2yrs probation..felt like a mild trip with the best body buzz and was so happy..I felt one with the earth and all that it was nice
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    It led to some of the most interesting and mind-boggling "high-deas" I've ever had!
  9. Can't remember, I fell asleep.
  10. One time I took a gnarly ass gravity bong hit. That shit knocked my ass out cold. Ended up blacking out on my bed and woke up 2 hours later realising that I was really cold and for some reason I was convincing myself that my blankets were sheet metal and they were too heavy to pull off. Fucking trippy ass shit man. *.*

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  11. Got so high, my butthole started bleeding, and I had hallucinations of Omega strutting in and giving me a steamy lap dance. Then I went blind. Never inject marijuanas.

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    Definitely the time I ate three pot cookies and then took a fat dab of shatter.

    I couldn't even believe the level of stoned I had achieved.
  13. I've never been higher than reading this thread
  14. freaking out to the point of taking a cold shower lol.
  15. What is the highest I have ever been? When I was 17 years old while at boarding school my mate prepared some crackers with Nutela and finely crushed weed. It was not even baked or cooked at all.

    Then we smoked a spliff on the playground. About 3 hours later I was so whacked out that I felt I had permanent brain damage and that I would never recover. I lay in my bed with terrifying thoughts and feeling as scared as hell. The next morning I woke up still tripping and had to write a Geography exam which I passed by some miracle. I never ate for years after this.

    For all first time eaters please be careful. Rather start with a few bites, see how it goes and then have some more if you feel nothing an hour later.

    Recently I have started eating edibles again. Now It takes me 3 "firecrackers" made with 2 grams of Swazi each, properly cooked, to get into my desired zone. But I will admit that the Swazi is not that potent, but not too bad.
  16. One of my favourite's a long one but it has some interesting parts I promise.

    This took place in the 9th grade, me and 2 of my bestfriends decided throughout the day at school that we should smoke some weed today. Me and my buddies had started smoking weed weekly in grade 8 but laid off in the summer and we were getting back into it. We decided we were gonna skip school and go buy some weed. At lunch we left school and spent an hour calling different people trying to score weed. My friend H finally found a hookup but he had to take a bus to go get it. He returns 30 minutes later and by then school is already over so it was pointless to skip.

    Next we proceed to go to one of my other friends smoke spot where we knew he had a bong hidden. We find it in a backpack under some shrubs, it's a small roor with a perk, we fill it up. We grind up the weed and it is the smelliest weed I had encountered at this point, my friend calls it Egyptian kush loool. We begin to take rips off the roor, I remember I was taking big rips, they felt smooth but when I exhaled I felt a tingle in my lung which would cause an erruption of coughing. I felt the effects immediately after my first bowl but when the bong reached me once again I continued taking tokes. After 3 bowls each we were all completely done, I remember lifelessly staring at my friend take a rip with my mouth wide open, I was so high I could feel my eyes were red and I could feel the thc pulsating through the veins in my temple. I stood up and stumbled when I tried to walk, and my friend H ended up breaking my friends bong.

    So me and my 2 bestfriends are walking through the street high as fuck. My friend N says "you can see shapes in the clouds" I look up and think I see some kind of shape and I'm trying to decipher it, the whole time I'm staring up into the sky focused on the clouds, everything below my head is disconnected from my body as I look into the sky and I end up almost falling on my face when my foot hits a crack. We end up walking down a huge ass grass hill, and at the bottom we see what appears to be a 6ft in diameter tarantula, as soon as I see it I jump back and fall on my ass. I try and get to my feet as fast as possible as we all jet towards the trees yelling as we do so. We end going inside the forest where there is a paved path where people walk dogs, bike etc.

    We walk for what seems like hours and find a bench to chill-out for a bit. By this time 2 hours have gone by and it's late November so it was quite dark outside. Behind us about 100 meters away is a playground, we hear kids laughing and playing and the sound of the metal on the swings grinding against eachother, and we all start tripping out, as we thought it would be too dark for kids to be out and we couldn't visually see them as it was dark out.

    We end up continuing to walk down the paved trail where it eventually met with a road, we took the road and ended up going to a supermarket. The whole time I was extremelyparanoid as I was still high and didnt want any family to see me high. My friend N ends up giving my friend H all the money he has(80 cents) so my friend H buys a kiwi. The second we step out of the supermarket my friend takes a bit of the kiwi, spits out a mouthful and says "kiwis suck" and chucks it into the parking lot. We all died laughing, the laughter took over my body and lost balance and stumbled backwards into a parked car.

    After all this we ended up near my house where we all said our fairwells, it had probably been 4 or 5 hours and I was still high I ended up having to sneak in my room, where I lay in my bed playing a pete rock instrumental to keep my awake. I ended up dozing off,then my mom burst through the door and starts questioning where I had been and why I didn't ask for permission to leave. Apparently my eyes were still red and it also ended up being the first time I had gotten caught. Memories :)

    Tldr: I skipped school, smoked very good weed while still a novice, got very very high, lost control of my body, had auditory and visual hallucinations, had good laughs with my bestfriends and ended up being caught by my mom.
  17. I would give my left ball to be able to get so high again. Sadly smoking in my late forties is not as exciting as in my late teens, early 20's in that my THC receptors have been so worn over the years that not even the best weed in the world will give me that virgin high like I had as a youngster. I have many stories to tell of absolutely amazing trips me and my mates had in our late teens, early 20's.
  18. Share mate ? Would love a laugh
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    Lol that kiwi part is hilarious

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