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  1. New to the the site...

    So at some point in my life i heard about this plant Kudzu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that farmers brought from asia as a cheap food source for livestock. Long story short it grew too well and too fast to remain managable, thus becoming "The Plant that Ate the South," and ive always wondered "What if you could introduce this trait into a marijuana plant, and release it accross the country?"

    Admittedly I have no experience in the field of horticulture so I might be showing my ignorance, but I'm always prepared to be enlightened.
  2. The plants need to be in the same family to have any chance.
  3. I don't know, but if you do it, and then in the middle of the night you hear "FEED ME, MAURICE", you better run like hell.
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    Would not work. Completely separate genetically. Because there plants does not mean there related. Were humans but we cant mate with a Chimp even though we are near 99% identical genetically. I'm sure some sick bastards have tried it though. Manpanzee!!!

    Cannabis already grows rampant if left outdoors unattended in many areas of the world. Generally its destruction or the reason its not there is eradication efforts.

    The other plant that has taken over in many parts is the Korean Perilla plant. Im actually growing some with my current grow. Its used as a food source by Koreans. Its like growing mint...if you plant it outside it will spread everywhere, animals tend not to eat it and takes over after a while.
  5. only in GMOs
  6. Yeah, kudzu & 'juana won't match. But you CAN graft hops to a cannabis root, and it will grow quite well. No offense to you micro-growers, but soon as I get my micro-brewing skills perfected, watch out world. Drink all you want. Yeah, it gets you drunk, but it also makes you hungry...

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  7. Manpanzee??? :eek:

    Or the only thing meaner than a pit bull with syphilis?

    The man that gave it to him....

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