The 7 gram joint

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  1. today me and my mate decided to go all in and created a 7 gram fatty. Fucking hell after toking one hit it fucked me up. It lasted us 25 minutes. We used amnesia haze btw. Overall it was the highest I had ever been. IMG_1045.JPG
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  2. You may need to do better than that to empress us old folks. Just sayin.

    But yep, big joints are cool, old skool cool
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  3. We have only recently started doing stuff like this be prepared to see a 20 gram joint in the near future.
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  4. When you need two hands to hold it due to it sagging in the middle then your getting there.
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  5. This more your level? Or are you going much further?

  6. That's quite an impressive joint. I'm a daily smoker but would still be worried I might green out if I smoked that :p.
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  7. You can really make them as big as you want. They just get really hard to handle and smoke. Biggest ive partaken in was at a mates place decades ago who grew. 3 or 4 of us went there for a Mushroom night (i supplied the mushrooms). It was harvest time and he had some plants hanging in a spare room.
    My GF at the time and this guys wife spent hrs rolling the biggest joint ive seen. Two hands to use and pass. All done with a few packs of Tallyho's. Lasted for ages..But did need constant attention to keep it burning evenly.
    IDK how many grams was in it but we did smoke one whole outdoor plant that night (Joints and bucket bongs). Schrooms and pot mix well with good company.

    ....a add on to the story. Their son (11ish??) got out of bed and had a few sips of his mothers "Coffee" so he had to stay up with us..i think he had a great time to, the poor bugger.
  8. that looks more like an eighth than a quarter. But whatever. Have fun with your shwag.......
  9. We used to roll with Yellow Pages from phone book. Ink and all. Disgusting.
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  10. I'm pretty sure if I had any more drags I would Of probably pulled a Whitey. It was an intense day. :passing-joint:
  11. I've rolled with all types of shit. Probably explained the constant bronchitis I experienced from doing it. :biggrin::biggrin:
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