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The 5 thousand dollar reward

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Mojache_Xx, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. LISTEN. im pretty fucked up right now on some scham. but still just break it down with me.

    so homeboys cousin.. right? was chillin with some guy and they were like yo lets drop some L.
    LISTEN. i know its a L story but its a story, i dont mess with that shit only dank. and its funny as shit so bare with me here.

    alright so there like, droppin L soo... yeah there like fuckkked to the wall with this shit. and they were all up on shit so guy, homeboys cousins.. right? and he had to walk home and he was walkin you knoww. shits like gay and blur and shit w.e he was walking down the street to his house and there what appears to be a fuckin "Troll".

    LISTEN. i know its a fucking "Troll" but bare with me.

    SOOO... homeboys cousin, saw the fuckingg "Troll" and was like daymmm.. picked it up and called his friend that he was with ang was like yo theres a "Troll" in the street. wtf should i do. and homeboys cousins friend that he was chillin with was like dude your just FUCKKed up and you gotta get home forget about the troll and we'll talk tomorrow about it go home.
    so he took the troll home cause it needed shelter and food so he took him home. he took him to his room right? and went to the colasit*. <---- not fuckin shure how you spell it but its like the shit in your room where you walk in and get your clothes and shoes n shit but back to the story.

    and he made him a bed in the shit right? with like blankets n shit. and he went to sleep. the next morning his friend called and was like yo sup man. how u feelin. you were pretty fucked up last night. you were talkin about some troll in the street or some shit. like i said u were GONE

    and he was like yeah yo i was doneee. but idk hold on. and he checked his colasit* to see and there was a little kid. dude had downsyndrom. he had been missing for like 2 weeks.
    he went and turned him in and got 5 thousand dollars for the reward on the downsyndrom boy.

    The End.

  2. If this story is real thens it's the greatest story i have ever heard. Ever.
    Most likely fake though.
  3. Weird, I heard almost the same story awhile back. I guess some people were high on L and thought they saw a gremlin. So they took the gremlin home, put it in the closet, and threw cheerios at it all night. The next day they woke up to find a little black girl in their closet. They were charged with kidnapping.
  4. what......the....FUCK?
  5. Yeah dude was pretty funny.......

    When I heard a few years ago.:rolleyes:
  6. hahahhha. im dead ass serious. he was on the news to. they have the articles n shit on it.
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    This is not true at all.

    I've heard the EXACT same story.

    It's an urban myth :cool:

    The only difference in the story I heard was that there was no reward involved, the kid hadn't been missing for 2 weeks but was instead mistakenly kidnapped by the dude who was on mushrooms at the time.
  8. really? dam. that sucks. i wish like somewhere that happen so you can get a laugh hah.

    but yeah idk. its a great storyy
  9. Its kind of funny since I just learned the story I heard was fake..from reading this thread.
    I had never heard anyone else think of something as bizarre as kidnapping-a-retarded-kid-on-mushrooms-and-putting-him-in-a-closet-thinking-he-was-a-troll until now.

    But now its clear that its some internet myth being spread around.
  10. Closet... Seriously?
  11. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDalvrAGKlY&feature=channel_page"]YouTube - Drugs Save a Trolls Life.[/ame]

    i call bullshit!
  12. How many 18 year olds spell closet "colasit"? :rolleyes:
  13. Wow....right...so like....that was like an awesome story man you know right? Like seriously like one of the best.....right on man.
  14. never happened, a rehashed urban myth
  15. Bull. Some kid at my school tried to convince a bunch of people this happened to him.

    Does having a bigger e-peen make you feel good?
  16. get a lifeeee man.

    All makin shit up.
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    2 things:

    first of all, I don't think a single sentence there was complete or understandeable.

    secondly, who the fuck loses a kid with down syndrome? thats just fucked up, man.

    "wheres jorje its time for his motor skills class"

    "uhhh yeah I left him in a burger king bathroom..."

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