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The 4th of july party..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Mar 28, 2003.

  1. I have decided to put a hold on this because I have pissed a few people off it seems..

    If I decide to go ahead with this I will let ya'll know..

    I hope that soon I can give ya'll the answer so you will know what the decission is..
  2. hey that sucks, cus i knwo whole lots of peeps who werre all talking bout going and shit... any who if u guys have a 4th of july party, hope u get BLAZED out your mind! and think of me when your high!:)cus hopefully i will be getting stoned too....
  3. oi :/
    I wasnt goin ... but for those I know who wanted to, sorry :(

    damn...well..dunno what to say, its your party so u make the rules. just wish ppl could all be peaceful :/

  4. Yes my friend we need a party.. I hope that things turn around.. For now though I have to say I have to wait to see about things!!!!!!!

    Styles we need lots of love and friendship in the world.. When the risk are high, people have to make sure they don't dig a hole that they can't climb out of!

  5. Oh man.....I really wanted to go (and a shirt, I wanted to see how they turned out)
  6. If you decide not to have the party I understand. I don't know what all the controversy is about, but it is a damn shame that opinions can't be expressed here without pissing off folks or belittling others or name callin in response. What happened to respect?!!! In the short time I have been here I haven't heard you be direspectful to anyone for their opinions. You deserve the same respect!!!!!!! I'm toking a hit in your honor today.
  7. I got a deal on some black shirts with bright letters!

    I have to slow down and think a few more things out..

    It's a bit scary to know that there may be 20-30 people here and something could happen!

    I guess paranpia has the best of me at the moment!
  8. it might be a good idea to keep things on a lower down level...emails and pms and whatnot or codewords or somethin...

  9. if the man is on to the whole thing, there's already enough out there to seal our fate. code words and such wouldn't make much of a difference now. e-mails and pms would be cool... unless some feds have nothing better to do than to spy on some harmless stoners having a cookout on the 4th.
  10. well..we could change the day and place, and they wouldnt know it.

  11. maybe. i think around the 4th they're gonna get all paranoid about a terrorist attack, so they probably won't have time to worry about a few stoners getting lit and pigging out.
  12. they were worried about a terrorist attack and had enough time to worry about operation pipe dreams.
  13. yeah... but operation pipe dreams wasn't on our countries independence day (remember how afraid everyone was last 4th?)... and also, that's focused on shutting down headshops all across the country... not busting a relatively small group of stoners just trying to have fun on the 4th.

    i do agree that it should be kept a little more DL though. just incase.
  14. What about the 4yh of april??

    They wouldn't have enough time to set things up!

    PMs could be the way to go..

    I'm going to change that date and pm people with it.. It would make me feel more comfortable!!!

    I will wait a little while before the pms...
  15. sounds very smart...look forward to it. hope the dingusus are around for this. BTW: YOU GUYS DO HAVE PERSONAL FIRE WALLS?

  16. I do have personal firewalls and top security..

    The Dingusus are cool people! So is the Hempress!!!
  17. Yeah, the Dingusus are cool... so glad I had the opportunity to meet them...and they also said The Hempress is cool. This place is the best. I'm not good on the puter, but when my sister can show me how, I have some cool jokes to post. All hail to the gonna toke one in honor of this place!!!

  18. 4th of april's no good for me :( i take the sat's next day, LOL! damn... guess that means i can't come.

    oh, i don't have a firewall or security... but i don't need it. i'm not doing anything that the gov would bother coming to my house for (ie growing or selling). so what if they know where i live? doesn't worry me in the least.
  19. Cottons Cottons Cottons PM PM PM

    Yeah, that date is no good for me would have to be sunny summertime for me to be able to make it.
  20. April 4th twas a joke.... It is to soon for me too be ready..

    I'm thinking of a weekend before or after the 4th of july!

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