the 4th dimension

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  2. when its time it will happen
  3. we already exist in the 4th dimesion
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    dont we exist in the 3rd us being 3 dimensional creatures and perceive in the 4th being able to 'feel' time or perceive time as a single point?

    if we were in the 4th wouldn't we perceive time completely different? not just a single point?
  5. Time isn't a dimension, as dimensions refer to aspects of space. The 4th dimension is varying states of matter. There is for example ice, water, steam. The differing vibrations that produce various states and forms of matter is what the 4th dimension is, and the vibrations go beyond the point that our senses can perceive, the astral is actually made up of matter but vibrating at a rate so high that it is formless and likened to the gaseous state that we can move through without much resistance, also there are vibrations of light that can pass right through the body, and this too is a factor in the astral as we can exist within the same space without disturbing the makeup of the formless astral beings.

  6. i thought time worked with space as in time-space

    thus being an aspect of space as we know it, in this dimension of course

  7. Not quite, you see there are 3 planes of existence, physical astral and spiritual.

    In the physical plane both time and space are a factor

    In the astral space doesn't exist as you can "teleport" so to speak, and time doesn't pass at a set rate of speed.

    In the spiritual neither time nor space exists.

    So as you can see, time and space are 2 separate things, they don't really go hand in hand, only in the physical plane they both apply, but they are not reliant on each other, they are not one thing, they are separate.
  8. From what i understood, we exists in all of these dimensions at once, but our consciousness has currently only evolved to the point where we can resonate on frequencies in the 3rd dimension (where thoughts affect our future and surroundings, but it doesn't manifest instantly). If we could achieve a global conscious awakening into the 4th, our thoughts would manifest physically instantly, giving us almost telekinetic power.
    Correct me if any of this info is wrong, im no metaphysics major or anything, ive just recently been looking into a lot of this after studying some aspects of quantum physics.
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  10. Don't mean to be a hater.... what are you talking about?

  11. I thought that the 4th dimension was the relation of objects with time. For example, if you were able to see into the 4th dimension and look at an object, you would be able to see everything that it was and everything that it ever will be. That's how it was explained to me.
  12. In standard dimensional theory, I think what you're talking about would be the 5th dimension, since

    1st - point
    2nd - length/width/height
    3rd - depth
    4th - passing of time
    5th - relation of objects with time/spatial time

  13. arent you naming three dimensions as "2nd"
    1. lenght, 2 width, 3 height.... an object that has length width and height has three dimensions....
    so then, what is depth, if not width or length?
  14. No length, width and height are all 2d. Length is really just another name for height though really. They can all be drawn on a flat XY graph

    When you add a Z axis

    You get another realm of coordinates to make your flat 2d shape no matter what it is have depth as well as length/width
  15. the point is, the OP is speaking of the NEXT DIMENSION.
  16. Watch this, it is a very good explanation of the different demensions that exist.

    [ame=]YouTube - Imagining the Tenth Dimension (annotated)[/ame]

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