the 4th dimension and others

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by cowofsteel, Jun 10, 2003.

  1. I am just started to get really interested in all this 4 dimension, kubricks 2000 stuff. I was wonderin if anybody has a good link for learning about it, or maybe a book i could find in my libary.
  2. I thought that time was the 4th dimension? what happened to that?
  3. Relativity provides the second supposition, suggesting that time is the fourth dimension, but we cannot use time as the fourth dimension because it is undefinable. Every object and every system has its own schedule so time could be atomic, molecular, biological, geological, earthly, Martian, solar, galactic, or cosmic. Atoms have their life-expectancy, organisms have their life cycle, stars have their timetable, galaxies have their schedule, etcetera, etcetera. Earth rotates on its axis, creating one earth day, and orbits the sun, creating one earth year, and this influences the activities of everything on earth. Another planet has its rotation and orbit, influencing all activity on that planet and creating another schedule. Simply declaring that time is the fourth dimension does not clarify what time schedule we are discussing, whether atomic or cosmic, organic or inorganic.

    Time is the consequence of something's existence, a manifestation of something's activity, its animation within a given area. Because of this, time becomes a way for measuring something's existence, but so far nothing exists except space. Therefore, we should be searching for something that emerges into and occupies space rather than searching for exotic things that boggle the imagination. We should be looking for something that naturally flows into the spatial parameters instead of something that depends on the existence of things that do not yet exist. Dimension four should be something that emerges into and occupies space, something conspicuous, something that can figuratively or literally punch us in the nose.

    got it
  4. i still believe that the fourth dimension exists in between time and space. it develops more in my head when im high but not enough to explain at all.

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