The 420 Subway Hero

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  1. After work today I stopped by a subway on the way home to grab some dinner. Ordered a nice 12 incher with extra meat + extra cheese combo with chocolate milk and two cookies.

    Was a really busy day, tons of high school kids also making super awesome subs to cure that deep post 420 munchy cravings.

    I got to the check out and was about to pay and tried out this new rewards program they have which I registered with and they gave me a QR code to scan off my phone. Cashier scanned my code and their whole system crashed, they tried a reboot which took like 15 minutes and during that time the sandwich artists were still pounding out subs.

    The reboot didn’t work and their system was dead, there was like 10 or so sandwiches lined up ready to be paid. Cashier asked if anyone had cash to pay for their sandwich and no one did. Cashier then announced the people who already had sandwiches made can just take them.

    Felt like a hero today, fed my stoned fellows and everyone was so stoked, except for the sandwich artists who were running around panicking.

    TLDR: Was a hero today.
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  2. In highschool when I first started smoking this older kid worked at a subway and one day a couple of my friends randomly went with him to smoke at this scenic spot. Smoked a fat blunt together and then he drove us back recklessly. Also the first time I got high I ate at subway right before. Both were awesome memories.

    Basically weed + subway = good combo
  3. You glorious son of a bitch!! You rock! :metal:
  4. Reading this post made me want to have an awesome sandwich when I smoke tonight lol cheers
  5. That is awesome. This type of shit never happens to me when I go to Subway.
  6. I had a friend who worked at the mcdicks inside the wally world where I worked
    He'd always make it 'extra big & nasty' for me.
    I opened up the box once it was like 6 patties and fries between the buns.
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