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Discussion in 'General' started by JointVenture, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. Hey all ....

    How often do you see "420" when you're out and about on this interesting planet we call Earth? Lets see some of them! Its always funny to me when I hear 420, or see 420 ... especially from a source that may be completely unaware of its meaning ...then again .... i'm sure many of the 420's we all see are intentional ... looking for the stoner chuckle :smoking:
    Which brings me to the next part .... I've been tokin since the mid 70's (except for about a ten year hiatus when the kids were young ;) ) .... and have no idea where and when the term 420 came about .... sure, I could search the net for some answers, but thought some of the more enlightened members of the city could share their thoughts on its origin. whatdaya think?

    So .... here's a 420 .... the box from a shredder i bought on wootdotcom the other day .... "shreds per session: 420" haha ... why not 415 ... or 425 .... guess it shits out after 420 pages!

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  2. haha great thread. i'll be going to walmart tonight for some screens, and i'll keep my eyes peeled!
  3. My friends stereo has this HUGE sticker on it that actually was on it when he bought it labeled 420 WATTS
  4. huh....highway 420 runs out in the booneys out here... i'm on a mission to steal it now.....:wave:
  5. dude...let us know how stealing an entire fucking highway works out for you...i mean shit...

    no but seriously that would be pretty cool to have a sign on your wall that said like interstate 420 or watever...

    i just noticed the other day on my mountain the superpipe is 420' long... if you scroll down to the picture that says pipeline above it the description next to it says this...

    i also saw a huge sign on the side of the freeway (one that says the time/date/temperature) and it was 420 right when we drove by so everyone knew...
  6. haha .... at the very least .... you'll see some 420 lb. mamas

    see em around here :eek:
  7. In Halo for Xbox when you pick up assault rifle ammo you get 420 rounds for it.
  8. I live near High st. heheh I know its not 420, but I love blazin on high st. I plan to get one of the signs someday
  9. One of my friends from high school lived on High St. We stole like 3 or 4 of them over the years....:D
  10. Yoyo im fucking missin this 4/20 guys.. smoke one for me... fucing hate court ordered drug testing....
  11. well.. i went to see scary movie 4 at time 4: 20:smoke: ha i was like what... i was so high no wonder i kinda liked it,lol
  12. A little bit after I got off work I sat down at my computer and happened to look at the clock and it said 4:20pm 4/20/06
  13. [​IMG]

    I was playin a game, and on one of the scores I got 4/20(on 4/20 haha)

  14. Almost every town in the UK has a high st. I never really thought of it that way...
  15. pilot wings rock hehe.
  16. theres an exit "42C by my house and someone filler in the C, to make it 420
  17. Sorry for bringing this back but its a good thread..

    In my school parking lot, there is a football field spray painted on it for the marching band to practice on or whatever. and someone spray painted a 4 in front of the 20 yard line.
  18. I miss pilot wings for n64.

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