The 420 Cup - Round II

Discussion in 'General' started by Lebowski, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. I'll take two....

    thanks. ;-)

  2. Post so i can win already! :p
  3. That volcanoe picture really trips me out .... it makes me realize how small we all are in the "big picture" :smoking: wow ....

    did I spell volcanoe wrong ... volcano/volcanoe ... yeah I think I did ... stuff like that always messes me up
  4. Aesome pictures liquid truth!! The volcanoe one is sweet
  5. 105? that's it? damn, we need to get this ball rollin.
  6. #105 woooooohoooooo

  7. gimme some ganj!!....plzz :)
  8. Holy fuckk, whata night..haha, a half gram of Coke, 2 e's, a 4 gram chocolate blunt, and all the beer i could drink ha..

    i was Fuckin fucked up.
  9. We should ingrave all the current winners on the cup (smallest font that is readable) as a remembrance.
  10. That's a good idea.
  11. I'm on today.
  12. #112 booooo-urns
  13. I thought about doing that, but there's really no space..we could make like..uh..i uno lmoa.
  14. Would the square where "420 cup" is work?
  15. 114 wooooooooot...damn u motion :)
  16. Im not engraving shit on the cup as long as I have it. I think it'd be better just to pass it on continuously, every week or month someone new will have it.
  17. Yeah that's true - we're probably going to do this alot. Maybe not though, we'll have to see.
  18. How can you tell what # post you are?

    never mind
  19. This is great fun.

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