The 420 Cup - Round II

Discussion in 'General' started by Lebowski, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. nice vid DBW that was a manly hit :hello::bongin::metal:
  2. I didnt know u had a roor DBW, nice. Coronas ftw
  3. I can do a full rip now but they make me stare at the walls for awhile so I don't normally kill it. :smoke: I'll take a few nice size hits like the vid and be fried like chicken.

    Oh yeah that music is Great Kat, Beethoven on Speed. That gal knows how to strum a guitar.

    edit: bowski, got her on ebay many months ago (gift from the husband). I totally blame all of debauch and Fuzzy's vids and pics! :)
  4. BigSmoker, I'ma win!... leaving you in the dirt bro. :p
  5. haha you make me chuckle i am going to dedicate my win to you LOL:p:devious:
  6. Haha... what an upset this is gonna be then if you got that kinda mindframe. :)
  7. DBW inspired me to post a vid of me hitting my homemade

    <embed width="352" height="288" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src=""></embed>

    :bongin: :bongin: :bongin: :bongin: :bongin: :bongin: :bongin: :bongin: :hippie:
  8. HUGE gd hit you've got there Big Smoker! :smoking: Niiiiiiiiiiiice! Fried like chicken baby.
  9. thanks that bong is sealed perfect for a homemade and it can be milked way more than that but i cannot clear it
  10. Im suprised that hits so good BS - usually the more tape I got on it means the more I fucked up.
  11. "I'm lookin' for a dime that's top of the line/ Cute face lil waist with a big behind/"

    Ahh, I fuckin' HATE Mike Jones (who? MIKE JONES!!!)... but yet I got that damn song stuck in my head for the past 2 hours! It's driving me crazy! I can't take it, my mind is racing!

  12. acctually most the tape on it is just cosmetic i used silicone and that sealed it up really good

    i know most of you have seen it but if you have not here is the whole bong

  13. What you sippin on ksr?
  14. Anyone else seen the movie Spun? Watch it, now. :smoking:
  15. yeah that movie is insane i have it on vhs LOL:hello:
  16. i can do it! i can do it!
  17. No you cant :devious:
  18. another one? lol.

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