The 4:20 Logbook- It's 4:20 somewhere,right?

Discussion in 'General' started by Medicine Al, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. It's about 4:20 right here where I am right now, and I thought, why not a thread to check in at 4:20 everyday, and see what in the world is going on wherever it's 4:20 next.

    To do a check in, just answer these simple questions:

    What are you smoking, vaping, bonging, or however consuming, at 4:20 in your bowl?
    I have some early Train Wreck bud from one of my plants that flowered early. Sweet! i've got a small pipe loaded now.

    Is it AM or PM where you are? What country?

    Can you hear any music and if so what is it?
    Yes, it's "So What" by the Ministry.

    Any good words for the day?
    " Don't sell your soul for a mess of porridge"

    It's 4: 20 now, c'mon and tell us your status!
  2. lol....hmmm might pick up in a day:p considering u made it at 420
  3. this was a great thread idea..i'll check back in at 4:20!!
  4. It's about 4:20 PM Usa-westside

    I'm smoking some Purple urk in a bubbler today. Danker than yeterday.

    Listening to some Augustus March, a clip from the music hall forum, check it out.

    "Today I was dismantled, and then reintegrated, I used to Feel so real, now I'm fuckin' simulated."

    Until tommorow, when I'm going to dig this up again...:wave:


    Sorry, that's Augustus Pablo, not March...I too am feelin' it about now...
  5. ha ha 30 minutes past already.. I am, HIGH

  6. Yeah the secret to postig at 4:20 is to wait twenty seven minutes past the actual time. Your post times are always earlier than it actually is, check it out. gives you twenty minutes to live again.

  7. dont know whatcha mean by that...:smoke:
  8. 4;20 gc time pst usa

    Silver Haze in a glass bong

    Mothership connection- Parliament


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