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  1. Hi.

    Does anyone here think that a 3rd eye exists, and if you do, how can one open it? I really want to be enlightened and explore a new realm of consciousness. I just want to hear what others have to say about it.
  2. i think its on my forehead :)

    i'll open it someday..

    meditation might help

  3. If you meant search for it through meditation, I've tried a lot. I've seen strange things while doing this that I don't think I can describe, but I have no way of knowing if that instance was opening my 3rd eye.

    If you meant search the forums, I have before I posted, I have.
  4. my 3rd eye tends to be bloodshot quite often.
  5. I think, though I have never experienced that sort of feeling, that you would be conscious of your third eye opening much in the way you are conscious when one of your physical eyes are opened or inversely closed.

    However, even though I haven't experenced it, I do believe in it; even if it's merely a mental archetype/idea for something we don't have the ability to understand by other means.

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    Save your time and energy:) The third eye is a fairly modern invention with no ancient history behind it. It's also a very useful way of sorting out charlatans from the real deal - anyone who says they've opened their third-eye is a chancer.

  7. I would just do alot of hallucinogens, thats what i did and now i think that they are the bridge to another dimension. But maybe i'm just crazy
  8. Sidenote:

    OH SHIT. ANOMALY. I didn't have any idea that you used GrassCity. I respect your work on youtube and I hope you continue to do well.

    Anyway, to aceic's point,

    I think that might be true. But what if it's possible that you couldn't feel that your third eye was open? I mean, in a few of my meditation sessions, I have come out feeling wiser. I basically see things that others don't (when I'm not tripping). After I started searching for consciousness, I've seen beings that others can't seem to see. Of course if I started telling people that I were having these visions, I would be labeled as a freak and a lier. So I keep these things to myself. Point is, am I witnessing these things because I have found the eye, or am I just under the illusion that if I meditate and find the eye, my brain will trick myself into seeing things?
  9. I suppose it depends on what you consider modern or ancient as those are relative terms. The third eye is mentioned in the Book of Revelations along with being an idea in both Buddhism and Hinduism. This idea is nearly as old as anything we have for written reference and it's possible it was passed on through spoken word long before it was written about...

    I do agree about the opening of the third eye point, as I don't know if it's possible for most of us to do it - especially now because we have distanced our bodies so far from our own minds. The concept is so alien that most people have so much ingrained counter-philosophical ideals that I doubt most of us can grasp its true nature.

    It's possible, but again I'm not quite sure I can answer any of your questions. :D There are also other ways to gain more knowledge about the world - the third eye is just one facet or concept.
  10. [ame=]YouTube - Bill Hicks talks about mushrooms and tripping[/ame]

    "Once again i recommend a healthy dose of psilocybin mushrooms. 3 weeks ago, a few friends and i went to a ranch in fredericksberg texas and took what Terrance McKenna calls a "heroic dose", 5 dried grams. Let me tell you, our 3rd eye was squeegied quite cleanly"
  11. I'm seriously considering trying shrooms. And I know that there are other ways to obtain knowledge, but I am most interested in this concept is because not many people know exactly what happens after the eye is opened, and I want to find out.
  12. You don't need drugs to open your 3rd eye.
    It's already open, you have just decided to not use it.

    Yamaoka Tesshu, as a young student of Zen, visited one
    master after another. He called upon Dokuon of Shokoku.

    Desiring to show his attainment, he said: "The mind,
    Buddha, and sentient beings, after all, do not exist.
    The true nature of phenomena is emptiness.
    There is no realization, no delusion, no sage, no mediocrity.
    There is no giving and nothing to be received."

    Dokuon, who was smoking quietly, said nothing.
    Suddenly he whacked Yamaoka with his bamboo pipe.
    This made the youth quite angry.

    "If nothing exists," inquired Dokuon, "where did this anger come from?"

    It can't be taught, only learned, and you already know what it is...just find it.
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    ^, but if you want to use drugs...

    if you can get your hands on it, DMT is by far the best way to explore it. its not a harmful drug, as it is made naturally is almost all living things, humans included. to describe it all would take an enormous post, just do some research on DMT and the pineal gland, i would highly recommend watching Joe Rogan's commentary on all this on youtube
  14. check out the meditation techniques on its shamanistic but just happens to be a part of neo-satanism so your not worshipping satan or anything. it shows how to open all chakras but your 3rd eye is the first that you allign. i havnt gotten far into it but its very profound
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    I've come across info that stats that the pineal gland is biologically like an eye. That there are cones and rods *pointing inwards* and that the release of DMT during dream time (and at death) is a method of time traveling in an altered dimension. Many sages have called this pea sized part of the brain the seat of the soul. Course this is all hearsay. Very trippy nonetheless.

    What I do know for a fact is that the glands in the endocrine system correspond to the chakras in kundalini yoga. That becoming aware of these points in some way gives you a form of control over your life/destiny/soul.

    DISCLAIMER: I admittedly have a slightly negative world view. I've gathered the impression that the powers that be want you stuck at the lowest chakra -- in a state of constant lethargy, low sex drive, and an inability and lack of will to deal with immediate reality. It is easier to deal with a dummed down population. This can be achived through a poor diet (McDonald's), high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, chemically enhanced cigarettes, alcohol, mercury poisoning, flouridated water. Actually flouride, a major component in anti-depressant medication and found in public water systems across the US, calcifies the pineal gland. Whether they do this knowingly or not, I cannot say.
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    No, that's not the case, it isn't an idea in Buddhism or Hinduism and it has no antecedents in terms of realisation in either of those before the late 1890's, as that's when it was invented by Theosophy. Anything that talks about the third-eye is a part of the awful 'western occult' system, which is a complete fabrication. I repeat, anyone who says they have opened it (and the techniques for doing so) are not real.

  17. I dunno dude. I was trancing w/ a bowl and my headphones on and drew an apple with my mind. The apple turned to its bottom and began to spin furiously. The protrusions on the bottom of the apple formed spokes on a golden wheel that began to spin even more rapidly. The wheel unlocked and suddenly I felt a light open between my eyes like two eyelids. The light was bright, white, and warm. Luckily I was sitting at the time because I am told I leaned forward with my head on my knees. I was in a strange place that constantly moved yet was still at the same time. I think it was my lack of understanding that cause me to react with fear and the fear slowly ripped me from this place. I tried to fight it but the more I recognized it the farther I got until I slipped out.

    I wanna try to go back soon.
  18. I don't doubt your experience at all, but the above has nothing to do with a 'third eye' as it doesn't exist either in any authentic meditation form. However, there are still a number of techniques that do use a focus on this area, but none of them with the purpose of opening a third eye.

  19. i know this indian (or tamil? dont remember to be honest) guy, he said that in hinduism theres a god (who is the god of chaos and destriction or something like that) who can open his 3rd eye and pretty much... cause chaos and destruction, lol. so i dont really know why "opening your third eye" is considered a good thing

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