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The 36 hour detox / tolerance diet

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MinishCap, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. The 36 hour Detox / Tolerance Diet

    I personally dislike T-breaks and really only take one if I'm away on vacation. I have been smoking heavily the past 6 years and have come up with a way that will lower your tolerance noticeably in only 36 hours. Below is a 36 hour tolerance diet plan that I have been experimenting with over the last 3 years, its worked great for me. Follow the plan below and hopefully 36 hours from now you'll be thanking yourself for the wait.

    You want to make sure you know when the last time you blazed was. For the purpose of this explanation let's say it is 8pm. Go to sleep, wake up and follow…

    Breakfast (8am, 12 hours after last session)

    1 multi-vitamin –
    2 important vitamins that most multi-vitamins contain are b-6 and b-12. These two vitamins are essential in any detox program. They not only help with metabolic rate but greatly help with neurotransmitter synthesis (including serotonin, epinephrine (adrenalin), norepinephrine, and gamma-amino butyric acid). Vitamin b-6 is also is required for converting tryptophan to niacin, a drug we should all be familiar with when it comes to detox. If you don't know much about niacin, look it up.

    You'll want to start your day coffee free. Coffee contains toxins that can slow down the rate of your metabolism. However, caffeine is something we won't want to eliminate all together so we will want to drink tea. We want to drink a white or green tea. For the purpose of a 36 hour detox / tolerance diet, we will want to consume things that are natural and not so much processed. (Loose leaves contain more antioxidants than tea bags, something you may want to keep in mind.)

    Instead of breads and carbohydrates we are going to want to start off the day with one mango. Mangos are very nutritious and supply our bodies with many antioxidants, it also aids in poor digestion. I would include the fact about myrcene but it still isn't clear if it's just a placebo affect, etc. Just know it does help in this diet.

    2 hours after breakfast drink 1 16 oz glass of water.

    Lunch (12pm, 16 hours after last session)

    For lunch we are going to want to go with highly liquid fruits. We want preferably two plums but apples, peaches (really any fruit with heavy water content) will be good for lunch. We will want to drink a glass of pomegranate juice. The key to lunch is to eat light.

    If you have time after lunch try doing some exercise, drink another 16 ounce glass of water.

    Dinner(6pm, 22 hours after last session)

    Dinner is very simple. A green salad (almonds optional, are great with providing protein/calories needed and won't fill you up easily). No dressing if you can deal. If it's too dry try adding a little water. We will want to have another 16 ounce glass of pomegranate juice.

    Breakfast (8am, 36 hours after last session)

    Drink one more glass of pomegranate juice and take your daily vitamin…blaze.

    Notes: Drink as much water as you want/need. This will flush out any unwanted toxins that have been released during the 36 hour period of time. Exercise is a big factor in determining how successful your T-break will be. Because of how short the diet is every step counts, try not to deviate. Try not to drink more than one glass of tea. Tea is only used in this diet as a coffee substitute. Caffeine was essential in my diet and I know it will be in some of yours, which is why it was included. If you are not a coffee/tea person, substitute with pomegranate juice, in the long run it will be better for your break.

    Hope this diet will help some of you out during your T-breaks. It really has worked wonders for me.
  2. i think i would die of starvation on that diet lol
  3. I'm gonna try this. It sounds legit. Good Job!
  4. Yea good job bro, it sounds like u know what your talking about. I'll bookmark it in case I ever need it.
  5. Every time I'm on a T break I don't have any appetite at all so I usually just don't eat anything the whole day except for one meal and that is lunch, that is always something small
    and healthy. Although this seems like a legit detox program, but if some people have trouble not eating anything the whole day they should prepare by eating less every day, and when they're done with the detox not to jump on any food and fill yourself up, since the detox is something you should do to keep yourself in shape while making a useful T break
  6. Has anyone else tried this recently? I'm debating giving it a go myself and am wondering what kind of success others have had.
  7. its pretty simple and looks good
  8. im glad i stumbled upon this thread. i remember my father always telling me how when he couldn't get high anymore he would just take mon-friday off of cannabis and load up on cranberry juice. he worked outside in the construction industry so i think sweat helped a bunch. he said after his 5 day break it was as if he was smoking for the first time. he would do this as needed. (every few months)

    i recently just hit the wall and cant get high at all anymore. ill admit i don't have the will power to go 5 days so i might try this shorter technique.

    thanks OP.
  9. Finally got around to trying this. I followed this the best i could for 7 days. I added raw honey to all the water i drank and uped my intake of EFAs. (used flax seed and hemp hearts.)

    Just got done having my first vape in a week and let me tell you, haven't been this high in years.

    Thanks to the OP
  10. no i wouldn't try it because i think in general detox /cleanse/fasting plans are dumb whether they are pot related or not.
  11. Personally, I don't believe in diets. Just go out and run a few miles and that THC will burn up right along with your fat. Plus it helps you get in shape, and less fat means it's easier to get high.
  12. good guide.
    don't think I'd try this though, I can't smoke on an empty stomach

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