the 2c family. how is it?

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  1. wuts poppin GC.
    i had a pretty supply of lucy. but now, unfortunatly i can no longer get my hands on it. im thinkin bout orderin some 2cE. are the any legit research chem sites? cuz im pretty sure the one i found is good to go.

    whos done it n wut should i expect.
    after googling around i see most ppl like 2cE the most.

  2. Snorting 2C-E FTW! It burns like a mother fucker but so worth it.

    No one here is going to flat out post sources unless they're retarded though.
  3. can 2c-e be plugged?

    Just wondering as I wouldn't want to snort it if it burns that bad and i've heard it's not as good when you swallow it.

    Maybe it would burn your rectum too though, which might be worse lol
  4. Why in the hell would you want to stick it up your ass? It's not like opiates where you have a ton of receptors in your colon..

    Just man up and snort it, it only burns for like 10 minutes and if you have some water it's not that bad.
  5. its koo i wasnt askin for a link(bit if anyone feels nice enough send mea pm haha).

    wut does it feel lyke? ima prolly order a gram.
  6. It's like mescaline on speed, nothing like shrooms or acid. Lots of distorted visuals but even on a really, really high dose I was still in the real world.

    You'll only need like 20mg to really trip and it's 10x stronger (IMO&E) than eating it. Just don't shove it up your ass and you're good to go.

    I'd recommend that you check out the online version of PIHKAL, too.
  7. wut 2c would be more lyke acid. lyke a calmer feeling. i dont care for uppers at all.
    hows 2cI
  8. If I'm not mistaken, all 2C's are related to or have mescaline-like effects.

    Check out PIHKAL and you can find out for yourself.
  9. I've never plugged but most experts say you only need 50% up the ass that you'd need down the hatch or up the nose.

    Meaning, you AND your buddy could BOTH get fucked up if you're just stick it up your ass.

    Go on. Stick it up your ass ;P
  10. Opioid receptors in your ass?:cool:

    that's not how it works
  11. Yeah it is man I stuck some oxy up there and I was nodding hard. Stuck the most dankest kush I've seen up there and absolutely nothing. From my personal scientific study I concluded that cannabonoid receptors are absent in the anus but opiod receptors are not.
  12. If that was a joke then rofl:hello:

    if not then....
  13. Google. Don't be posting this on a site where 10 year olds browse....
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    Uh, you can stfu now:

    You have opiate receptors in your GI tract (i.e. colon, which is where your asshole leads).
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    But dramacyde, the point is that any opiate receptors in your colon would have nothing to do with effects on the central nervous system and have no effect on how high you get.

    You said yourself that the opiate receptors in your colon cause constipation, I don't think all the people who plug regularly are doing it so they can get more constipated. And UU_ood was obviously joking I think, I mean weed? you can't even eat weed plain and expect it to absorb very much.

    Plugging gets you higher because of how readily it is absorbed into the blood stream through the colon and also that it is not processed by your liver before entering your blood stream.

    Plugging is almost always more potent when using any water soluble drug

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