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    So a few years ago, I hit a rough patch in my life and money was short. I was looking for some cheap lower grade bud because I knew even though the quality is shit you get a lot for a low price which is what I was going for. So a buddy of mine calls me and tells me this old dude has ounces for $25. I thought he was joking but he told me it was reggie and that's all the dude smokes. So we roll up to his crack house and my buddy runs in with the money and comes out with a bag and inside that bag was the driest pile of stems i ever seen with a little bit of flower on it. But hey what did I expect? I was just happy I had something to smoke and an ounce of it at that. The smell of this weed was like when you first walk in to a Spencer's, musty with a hint of "what the fuck". I ended up rolling a blunt and me and my buddy were passing it around trying to figure what the fuck it tasted like, it had that Spencer's smell but you could taste it, it was so fucking weird. The high was pretty weird as well, I felt like I wanted to panic and had so much energy running through me. My buddy thought it was laced which started to freak me out but there were really no side effects. I ended up throwing it out in the end and got some better shit a week later.
    Moral of the story: idk

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  2. Prob harvested too early
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  3. Nobody is going to lace it and sell for super cheap. It costs money to lace weed
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  4. I've tried telling people this before and they act like they know the ins and outs of hustling like drugs don't cost money lol. I've been good mates with a couple plugs and they don't do that shit.

    OP, smoke less next time.
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  5. I know that but at the time I was sorta ignorant and didn't realize it.
  6. $25 an Oz for low grade weed?? I'd pay that & make edibles to try at that price lol
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  7. Damn I wish I thought of that...
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  8. sounds like it got you guys high and you decided to throw it away because you were high & paranoid?
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  9. If I could consistently get an ounce for 25, id buy some dank dope for regular price and chop up the dank dope with the cheap stuff, double my money easy.
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  10. It resembled weed AND it mind fucked you? K2 baby...
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  11. It almost sounds like an old strain of landrace sativa.
    Often looks like reggie but will creep up and get you that strong sativa high.

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  12. Love readin stuff like this and the stuff other people go through over the years of usin cannabis some of it is hilarious. The part about spencers lol wish more people posted stuff like this

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  13. They lace it so that you keep coming back for their weed. Don't you know anything?

    Kidding completely of course.
  14. It does happen unfortunately. Was a bit of an epidemic with the shit here a few years ago. Was gangs growin tons of the stuff.
    Shaking it to make hash then replacing the crystals with certain, legal at the time, synthetics that I can’t mention or I’ll get another warning lol.
    get top grade hash to sell for remarkable prices and weed that’s strong enough to put you right on your ass after a few puffs.
    I’ve also seen waaay too much weed that’s been shaken then sprayed with some sort of plastic shit that bubbles up then solidified when you burn it.
    fuck knows how they get away with it like but sadly it does happen :(
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  15. Eewww I've seen weed sprayed with some sort of white stuff, to make it se m crystally I'm sure. Disgusting. Dunno if it was salt or what

  16. I've never had any laced/sprayed weed in 10+ years of buying dude:confused_2: what country/place did it happen dude??

    I also buy top grade hash regularly & never pay more then £12.50 per 8th :laughing:
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  17. Bro you've seen nothing (no disrespect meant).
    If you paid 25$ for 28g (1,12$/g) then you probably got something smokeable. Here in Brazil where it is illegal to posses weed (but it doesn't stop us from smoking hella) we use to pay 2BRL(aprox. 0,48$/g) a gram of "Prensado" which isn't really a strain. A prensado is a kind of cannabis (If you can call it that) which is put into a hydraulic press and kept and smuggled in big rectangles weighting over 2kg and cut down as a block. It's always with seeds and stems on it. We don't know when it was harvested, we don't know the strain, we don't know if it's indica, sativa hybrid type strain, we don't know where it has been stored and for how long (It's not hard to smell amonia and/or pick some grams with some insect parts on it, which did happen to a good friend of mine.) I'm sending a photo of what an "good" prensado looks like. (Please don't judge us for smoking this, I know it's disgusting, but we all hate to have to smoke this.)

    (Obs. the pictures aren't mine) images%20(31).jpeg images%20(32).jpeg

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    I don't know if I'm correct, but it seems I see purple Just curious. How does it smoke, When I was in jail The weed that came in was compressed just like that They used to break the weed down and And put it in those sugar powder straws...

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  19. Lol we used to buy bricks of that when i was younger (darker brown though), wrapped in tin foil. Seedy as shit but was some cheap and got you where you needed to be.
  20. I’m i
    im in Edinburgh mate. Was mostly black gangs that were doing the mischief. We don’t really have the black/white thing up here though so I’m guessing most of them came from your way lol.
    That “hash” if it’s what we get, pollen stuff. Comes in 100g bars. I was doing it for 14 years till I started growing and it’s only £120 per bar. Even 12.50 an 8th is a rip off to me lol.

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