The 2000s: Our Past Decade

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  1. Tell me what you think people will remember the 2000s for. I figure most people will remeber it for:
    A) The big medical marijuana movement
    B) The Iraq war and bush's dumb ass
    C) First black president
    D) Increase in the Hispanic/Latino population
    E) The Great Recession
    F) Homosexuals seeking marriage rights, attempt at repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell laws
    G) ~you fill in the blank~
  2. Technology become much more pervasive and improving at a ridiculous rate. remember those flip cell phones from motorola? my current phone runs at 1.1 GHz - faster than any personal computer in 2000(a little diff than a pc though but still impressive).
  3. Yeah man good post completely forgot about the technology movement.
  4. [​IMG]

    We got this guy..:hello:
  5. i know i'll get flamed for this, but over time we'll realize Bush wasn't the dumbass we all thought he was.

    And yea i think we'll basically know it for its movement in technology. It was the pill generation for drugs, video games made great leaps, instead of goldeneye we'll talk about halo. bad reality tv. guitar hero. ipods, flatscreens, HD, macbooks/notebooks, bluray vs HD war. shitty music. an overall bad decade.

    does anybody else feel like the world went to shit after 9/11??? because everything seems all perfect prior to 9/11, and real shitty after it - maybe its just the age i was. but yea, in general, 2000-2009=:mad::devious::( and therefore :smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:

  6. what do you mean when you say that.??
  7. Yeah, the 2000s will be remembered for how quickly technology advanced. In a ten year time span we went from the first HDTVs to 3DTV. Plus, 3D gaming, Blu-ray discs, MP3s and digital audio in general taking over the music world, and the hundreds of futuristic ways we're advancing our civilization through technology.

    However, the 2000s could also be remembered for the fact that girls and guys ages 13-17 became extremely sexually active. For Buddha's sake, there are girls who just turned 13 walking around in an outfit I remember only seeing 21+ girls wearing when I was 13. Add that to the fact that our technology also makes it easy for those young girls to act stupid, post videos/pics they think are fun and cute to the web, and then wonder how the hell those images and videos made it around the world in fifteen seconds.

    Plus, you see the couples in that age group, and most of them lost their virginity at age 14! Granted, that's what I wanted to have happen, but for fucksake! Then they get married after they graduate, divorce a year later, and repeat the cycle. It's twice as fun once a kid gets involved, too. Almost everybody I know from high school is either married or pregnant if they didn't leave the city limits. Anyway, that rant is over:eek:

    But yeah, super cool technology in the 2000s.:smoke:

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