The 2000 Percolator Bong

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  1. Bought This off GC. It's awesome.

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  2. very nice must hit great, milk?
  3. I will when I have a friend over so they can record it with my phone. It does hit really well!
  4. Omg dude you spent 250 on that.Its 3mm.Am I missing something that makes this bong great.

  5. Let's hear the rest of GC's opinion
  6. $250 for 3.5mm glass seems kinda pricey. I probably would've gone with a $150-$200 bong and a $50 a/c
  7. Enjoy it while it lasts... That 3.5mm glass won't hold up to much. Looks pretty tall though!

  8. Yeah dude, For 250 you could of got some nice shit
    AND 3MM?
    I honestly dont even think that is worth having...
  9. damn. it smells like haters in here....
  10. if i had a magic glass tube, id be happy, i havent seen anyone else on this forum post one up.
    just remember money spend in the city, stays in the city. Support the forums.
    subbed for milkvid!
  11. Nice pickup man. enjoy it. it doesnt have to be a roor. as long as you love it who cares right?
    :hello: Stay lifted
  12. what the hell do you guys think he's going to do with the bong? play catch with it? as long as its taken care of, it will be just fine.

    nice pickup man. can't wait for some milks. I got the wildrok not too long ago.
  13. Let's clear a few things up.

    1) Magic glass is hand made in Germany to the highest standards. Using high quality boro.

    2) Blaze is mass manufactured in China to no standard out of the lowest quality glass. I had one crack arround the carb just sitting on the shelf.

    Which would you rather have?
  14. ^ This
  15. Two more bongs as backup.
  16. kool tube bro... but idk price kinda seems a little steep but what can ya do...

    roast one up hahaha

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