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The 2 Coin Roach Clip

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MrGers, May 18, 2010.

  1. I've been in search of a good roach clip for a while now. At one point I had the perfect little spring loaded clip, but of course, I lost it. I've used bobby pins, binder clips, anything I could find, but nothing really worked well.
    Until now.
    We're smokin a blunt and it gets down to the roach, and no one wants to hit it. it's ressy and hot, and it hard to hit. So I start searchin for a clip. All I could find was 2 pennies. I took the pennies and sandwiched the very edge of the roach with them. VUALA!! Perfect roach clip. the pennies are the perfect size for my fingers, and they move really easily as the roach burns away.
    Now the thought came to mind, "who would want to put dirty ass coins up to your lips?" well...then wash the coins. anyway, now you know, if you need a clip and have some coins, u got a clip.
  2. i too am a practitioner of the two coin method. :smoking:
  3. use tiny alligator clips, they can be found in any decent hardware store
  4. but if you find yourself in a situation where you dont have any.....
  5. 5 blunts a day has left my fingers pretty calloused so I don't really use one, but when a friend or someone needs one, I pull out 2 old gift cards or whatever kind of cards I have in my wallet and do the same, with them. I suppose it'll work with just about any plastic cards, you just have to stop smoking it before you melt the plastic.

    But, I never thought about coins. Good idea, bud.
  6. ya man ive been doin this ever since i can remember. Its perfect because i alsways got a couple coins on me
  7. Ya i just use my fingers, but the best clip is a hemostat, its a medical clamp that looks like a pair of scissors kinda, i got one for $2 at my local headshop
  8. hells yeah. i forgot that I can get my hands on like 10 hemostats at my g-dads. boo ya.
  9. Or just roll your blunts with a crutch.

  10. Explain.

    I've put little bits of cardboard at the backs of joints but never blunts. i hope this isn't what you mean.
  11. That's exactly what he means...

    Lmfao. Blunts...with a crutch.

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