The 1st time I got blazed!!!

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  1. What's up GC my name is Brandon & this is the true story of my 1st time getting stoned.

    One night I was watching videos of people on diff- drugs ACID, WEED, Achohol, ect..

    I remeber watching this boy get stoned & I was like "I need to try this shit" cause I new you couldn't overdose on it. I decided I was going to smoke some pot.
    That night I called one of my buddies who smoked every now & then, an I asked him to hook me up. He said he didn't have any but when he did he would credit me a joint.
    About two days later he pulls in my driveway. I eagerly ran out to his truck I could tell he had something for me, he snuck me a little plastic bag we tlked for awile & he told me to smoke wisley. ;)

    I ran back to my room and took a good sniff DAMN! It smelled pretty strong, an already rolled up but I couldn't smoke till my family went to bed so I had to play the waiting game.

    It's 2:00 AM & finally everybody is sound asleep so I sneak out to my back yard to my storage building, sit down in this little rocking chair & started playin sum Tool.
    I lit it up, and remebed what my buddy told me "hold it in till you cough" I hit it pretty hard till I started coughing, I smoked then inhaled took a 10 sec break & repeated till the joint was half gone.

    I WAS F****** STONED!!! I remeber it was like I was floating around, an that I was weightless. I layed there just letting my mind drift away, strange thoughs an a feeling of happiness but slightly intense. After about 40 minutes of laying down I stood up....WOW is all I could say.:smoking: I was like superman, the ground seemed so far down lol. I quickly went to my room an layed down. It was like my room was floating into the air I had never felt so good in my life. It kept feeling this until I slowly fell asleep.

    Well GC that's the night that gave birth to my stoner ways.:smoke:
  2. Sounds like a great time!
  3. yeah sounds fun, props for smoking a whole joint your first time too
  4. thats greeat! congrats on having a great first time
  5. 40 min high= 10 min real time
  6. Shit, I wish I could remember how great my first time was
    It happened to be the first time I got drunk too
    and I don't think I've ever been as drunk as I was that night.

  7. so true man that was well describe gotta give u props on that my stoner brother
  8. hell ya bro! glad it worked your first time too.
  9. yea i remember my first time
    i was in a mall about to head to the movies wit my friends
    i was gettin tripped out by indian chicks and tall ass black dudes
    the movie was probly the trippiest cause that screen was huge and blowin my mind

    good times bro

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