The 11.11.11 Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by maxrule, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. Besides the release of a bunch of crappy movies, what do you expect to happen on the Friday of 11.11.11?

    I'm guessing that something really big will happen in the news that everyone will remember. :smoke:

  2. nothing? i predict absolutely nothing happens.. gonna be a weird fuckin day :p
  3. skyrim
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    nothing and ya ^
  5. Skyrim + marijuana = goodbye real life
  6. why would anything unusual happen on 11.11.11?

    seems like it'd be like any other day to me..
  7. Well i'm probably to smoke a lot of weed then sit at home and go "ohhhh dude look @ hte date righteous!!" and that will probably be about as extreme as it's gonna get.
  8. I'm going to light one up in memory of the fallen soldiers.
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    Are you familiar with numerology?

    The Numerology of 11-11-11

    I guess a lot of people expect some sort of cosmic portal to open up.

    Not me, I don't believe in that stuff. I just expect some big news event will be timed just right to cause this date to be remembered.

    Maybe a UFO will land. :wave:
  10. Numerology? Oh, oh yeah...That stuff. Here, let me string together a date, it's important because it equals 666.


    You know what happened? Nothing, same as 06/06/06, 09/09/09, etc...Etc. Really tiring though, getting my hopes up for some type of amazing end of the world ordeal and...BOOM! Nothing, fuckers.:cool:
  11. more than likely the last all repeating digits date of our lives. :(
  12. We can only hope, champ, we can only hope.:cool:

  13. hell fuckin yea.

    gonna bust a fat one when the main screen comes on and the epic orchestrals emit from da speaka

  14. 12-12-12 :wave:
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    Ok dude; but I'm officially making a prediction that something rather big will happen.

    I ain't got no crystal balls, but I read a lot.

    I know a thing or two.


    11:11 - A Magazine Devoted to the Journey of the Soul'Devoted to the Journey of the Soul'

  16. holly shit i know what will happen on 11-11-11... same thing as 10-10-10... NOTHING. just a normal ass day
  17. I dunno.........I just dont know.

    .............and neither do you!!!!!

    only time will tell. :bongin:

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