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  1. What a great show, haven't heard about it until a month ago! WOW it is such a great show in my eyes. I mean nothing award winning but the plot and story is awesome! Love all the actors in the show also.

    Anyone else LOVe this show?!
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  2. Someone told me to watch it a few months ago. I binged through the first two seasons, and now I'm keeping up with the new episodes in season three. It's one of my top three favorite things on TV right now, the other two being The Americans and Orphan Black.
  3. I dig it.

    Once you get passed all the teenage angsty nonsense, there's a pretty good story.

    I got stuck on other shows, but I've watched a few episodes into season 3. I'm sure I'll catch up at somepoint.

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  4. it's a pretty good show. i just started watching it.
  5. One week to go until the season three finale, and it looks like our heroes are in deep shit. We should start a poll on how many characters actually live to see the 4th season.
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