The 100% unofficial "a toast to" thread

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Switch, Sep 18, 2003.

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  1. we have the fuck off and we have the fuck yeah. now hows about hopes for the future- something a lil more positive. I\'ll start:

    To the destruction of the social barriers that come between us all- between gender, social position, race and creed.

    To the legalisation of our beloved herb.

    To the nekkedness of Sensi and Rumjy.

    To dammed fool idealism, though our eutopia can never be made may we keep trying to form it lest we sink and die.
  2. A toast to good friends a fat joint and some nice brew.....
  3. I propose a toast to all grasccity city regulars. Cheers pals!
  4. i\'ll toast ya to that:D!
  5. a toast to toast. wiht out you i would be lost......
  6. JOHN!!!!! your the man, great minds think alike.. guess we automaticley got great minds!!! mmmm toast
  7. there was a lot of \"rumjil and sensi nekid\" talk in the old days eh?

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