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The 10 Commandments of Stoner Etiquette (from High times)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RepentYeNbelievethegospel, May 29, 2009.

  1. I read this in the latest issue of HT and decided the GC community and new smokers could benefit from this.

    I. Thou shalt not be a mooch.

    II. Thou shalt not bogart the joint.

    III. Thou shalt slobber all over the girlfriend, not the bowl.

    IV. Thou shalt buy thy neighbor a new bong to replace the one you broke.

    V. Thou shalt be honest about having a cold sore.

    VI. Thou shalt offer a hit to thy neighbor at a concert.

    VII. Thou shalt not steal lighters.

    VIII. Thou shalt clean up immediatly after spilling bong water.

    IX. Thou shalt never narc.

    X. Thou shalt pass the dutchie from the lefthand side.​

    Disclaimer: In no way did i take part in creating the 10 stoner commandments, all credit goes to High Times magazine.

    Toke on blades :wave::)
  2. I like #10 the most.

    [ame=]YouTube - Musical Youth- Pass the Dutchie[/ame]
  3. word i hope people listen to the rule about not stealing lighters i hate that haha
  4. nice find.

    me and my friends are always breaking VII.

    lets just say you always here "BITCH, WHERES MY LIGHTER"

    its more of a joke then serious. but more then half the time its played on me!!!
  5. Yea, i mean you could get into specifics there are more rules i think could be in place. But for a new smoker these should be good enough, another important rule is to always corner the bowl.
  6. My favorite is 5 and 10.
  7. why has no one commented on III? that made me laugh because i read "Thou SHALL SLOBBER..." and was like what?? before i got to the second part haha
  8. ha yea when i was first reading them all i was thinking what the fuck until i read the rest and then i laughed. I thought this might get more views but watever.
  9. my friends roomates need to read that shit. they steal so many lighters. everytime we wanted to blaze we had to look all over the house because they would just go in his room whenever they couldn't find their own lighters. never even said anything like "hey i took your lighter earlier" they just took them and never said a word then passed them off as their own.
  10. Needs to be something on that list about spilling the bongwater.

    Edit: the list Clown.
  11. and i know i just posted in a dead thread.
  12. 11. He who smokes for free drives to Taco Bell.

    Me too. :]
  13. yes!^^
  14. for real! i hate passin a bowl of dank to someone, then they roast every bit of green so no one else gets a good taste. good call.
  15. Haha nice post NYC I got a kick out of that. All of it's true though, put I think stealing lighters should be number one or at least higher imo. My friend back in high school was a real asshole and we would always get really baked and I would lose my lighter. He ended up stealing it every time it pissed me off.
  16. does anyone else take a sharpie and color the bottom of their lighter like i do? saved me so many times when im like yo you have my lighter. and of course they deny it so i ask to see the bottom-voila they look like an asshole and you have your lighter back :devious:
  17. no stonerbro00 I atually have my own label on my lighters that have my user name in graffiti. :D

    Just go to office depot and get those letter adresses sticker things and print your own label on them!

    It's awesome.

  18. You color your lighter to look like an asshole? No wonder nobody wants it.
  19. now there's a bible i can get used to :smoking:

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