The 1/8th challenge

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  1. So the other night me and 3 buddies decided to do something called The 1/8th Challenge. Basically we all busted up our own personal 3.5g, picked a bong and all started smoking our piles at the same time. It is bong hoot after bong hoot after Bong hoot, etc.

    My one buddy (frosted on right) finished in 25 mins, another in 26(leftest one), me in 33( orange), and the other 47(the other one).

    I was last to show so I got last pick. The only one without any real percolation goin on hah. I woulda chose a combination of the top of the first bong and bottom of the second.

    Our only goal after that was make it back to the living room couches.

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  2. That my friend, must have been one great night.
  3. That sounds really un-enjoyable, and like a complete waste.

    Good job?
  4. How is that not enjoyable, and a waste? They smoked it all didn't the lol, and i bet they got high as hell lmfao.
  5. Just the racing, and amount.

    There is a plateau of getting high.
  6. I beleive that platue theory is right but only to an extent. its like why drink 1 cup off cofee this morning when i could drink 2 and do so much better?
  7. The frosted one looks pretty nice.
  8. I'm just going by my experience. Smoking an ounce in a sitting didn't get me much higher than smoking an eighth, and I've gotten just as high off 2 grams as I have off of an eighth.
  9. I have never been that high haha.

    It was an event of our weedlympics.

    We have the 100 meter hash, the vape chase, the 4:20 ( 4 bong hits in under 20 seconds), there were others as well.

    We have a lot of fun with our seshing :p

    And the weedlympics arnt very often, thank god
  10. 100 meter hash???????????
  11. That one is actually intriguing.
  12. It's far from 100m tho, basically you hav to take a big hash hoot, hold it in, run out of the smoke room, find the cat, do two laps around the mantle and then run back in the room to exhale
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    That musta been perfectly cured buds, wouldn't your lungs be burning lol

    Sure they got some percs and ice but still, after taking a huge rip I still sometimes feel likke I can't breathe haha

    Haha the 4:20 haahaha
  14. One of the walls of the smoke room is painted with a special paint that works with whiteboard felts so we are always recording times and scores. It's also the projector screen as it is a small room :p
  15. pleatua theory only works with shitty bud. With good OG or hash you can keep getting higher :hello:
  16. props to you man! no bullshit its awesome to see people messing around like this and having fun.. takes things like this to get you super high once you have a solid tolerance.. shits not a waste, and thats subjective to him anyways, no one knows what he pays or details etc... keep toking man!
  17. Are you from canada? Long story short we call oil dabs hoots because a dude from canada called an oil dab a hoot. Never heard anyone else refer to it as a hoot.
  18. Lol, take a t-break, save tons of money.
  19. i don't man i just can't take a t-break unless its forced haha.. i do what i do to smoke for free but marijuana is my hobby and i love staying up in the game and blazing all day!
  20. ive been smoking for a looong time and i have never not been able to get higher.

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