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  1. They called me back today and said they need another 1-2 visits of chart notes pertaining to my back conditions. I have been into my doctor only once during the past 3 years and have been involved in physical therapy for about 3 months. I already wrote my dr. a letter asking him about medical marijuana and the office replied saying they are a teaching facility and cannot provide recommendations. If I make another appt I think he will want to prescribe more physical therapy and I am still working on the exercises given to me from last time. I don't know if I should just write him another letter and tell him I need another visit or what. I don't want people to think I am trying to work the system I just know that exercises provide some temporary relief and I don't think it is going to get much better. My physical therapist even explained that I would probably be dealing with this for the rest of my life.
  2. Would chart notes from your visit to physical therapy provide enough documentation?

    You should probably go back every month or so to get a refill of muscle relaxants. Maybe you want to try a different form of muscle relaxant, different ones work in different ways.
  3. My dr. doesn't like to prescribe drugs, so I am not on any. The PT does not qualify I had one visit prior to my dr for this condition. I guess I'll call and see if he would see me to talk about some sort of pain relief.
  4. personally this is why i didnt go to a doctor like this.

    i have the records to show, but in my area i just could not afford what the THCF was asking. i think the price has dropped now, but before it was a lot.

    so i went to a 'shady' doctor i guess you could call it. i only felt comfortable doing this because if this doc ever came into question with the law, i had the records to prove that he made an educated decision to reccomend me marijuana. i did this simply because of price, at the time there was no one cheaper than where i went.

    i would suggest seeing another doc, it could save you money on the actual visit itself, and will most likely produce the results you seek. i personally dont see a problem with seeing a more commercial doc when you have the records to back it up.

    edit: for the sake of experience, it should be noted that i will not be using the same doc for my renewal, i plan on using someone who does not see 100 people in 5 hours.
  5. Thats what I was thinking but I don't know who to choose, I need them to be covered by my insuarance, and I would like one who I know isn't just going to have one look and disapprove.
  6. You just need notes saying you talked to your doctor about the pain. See if he would send you to a pain clinic or something and that referral can give you even more records. Just get in to see your doctor and talk about the pain, how bad it is and what simple things can be done about it, like heat and ice etc. Any chart notes are better than no chart notes. And if he prescribes physical therapy you can go along with it and just not go and tell him you decided it wouldn't help later on, just get the chart notes of being referred.


  7. ok i cant tell if you are talking about seeing a regular doctor.....or seeing MMJ doctor.

    no MMJ docs will be covered by insurance.

    if you were tlaking about seeing a reg doc to get him to approve your MMJ, i would not
    suggest that, as he most likely wont approve.

    i dont know about OR. but where i live there is a big selection as to who you can see to acquire your rec. i would shop around and find someone who either does not require records, or someone who will take what you already have, and charge less than THCF

    good luck

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