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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jul 8, 2003.

  1. THC[/size

    Make sure you put the last bracket at the end of size


  2. cruisin' down tha street in my '64 impala, is what i'd like to be doin' if only i had tha dolla'

    Decode that!!!!

  3. cruisin' down tha street in my '64 impala, is what i'd like to be doin' if only i had tha dolla'[/size=420]
  4. No impala for you.
  5. do I win anything? i see ganjamom is on the ball tonight!!:D
  6. Not to font size 50 it doesn't, god imagine the monitor you'd need.
  7. ....and you don't need the size size in the second brackets just {/size} but with the { replaced with [.
  8. SIZE 0
    SIZE 1
    SIZE 2
    SIZE 3
    SIZE 4
    SIZE 5
    SIZE 6
    SIZE 7

    Which is the max it seems.


  9. [SIZE=-7px]What have I done??!![/SIZE]
  10. deleted by sid

  11. Who asked you? I think she's awesome!
  12. Yea, as hempress said.

    Ganjamom ROCKS!!

    If you can't appreciate her, thats your own loss eh?
  13. I would guess from what I see he said somethin ignorant about makin lots of posts..
    I was thinking about that the other day like "I hope I don't piss people off with all my posts", and then kinda realized, hey it's a forum.. It's basically a chat room where if you miss out on the conversation you can go back and see what you've missed, and reply to it.
    But anyway.. no one made you read it. So don't be rude about not liking what you read.
  14. Whoever messes with our GanjaMom messes with all of us, so back off fool!!! :mad:

  15. well about the last 10 threads i tried reading they were flooded with ganja mom going off the head on some high shit. annoying @@ and i really dont care what the rest of u stoners say because i will say what i want whether u like it or not

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