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THC0 or Delta8 During Tolerance Break?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by surfajl77, Jan 16, 2023.

  1. I'm currently on Day 12 of 21 of my tolerance break (smoked 0.75 to 1.5G per day with occasional edible or vape hits mixed in to ensure a good night's sleep). I only use weed for sleeping purposes.

    Even after 12 days, my sleep is minimal, quality is crap, and since I was foolish and didn't stockpile sleep medication or save old medications from past doctor visits for various things, there's absolutely nothing I can do. A glass of wine, Tylenol PM, Melatonin, Valerian Root...I'm over it. Nothing OTC is going to replace my THC for sleep and that's okay. And yes, I realize that what I'm experiencing are typical withdrawal symptoms. I'm going to tough it out for the full 21 days, but was curious about something.

    I bought a pure CBD vape cartridge last week from a smoke shop and explained to the guy why I wanted it, as I was hoping it might combat the THC withdrawals and help me sleep. He said he experienced similar issues during t-breaks and warned me that the CBD would not help, but said that a THC0 or Delta8 cartridge helped him during that time. I decided not to go through with his advice, as I would think it would be considering cheating. Yes, I realize it's not the same form of THC or the same type of high. No need to explain. I'm more curious about whether or not this would affect my tolerance break or not.

    Any thoughts?
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  2. One word of warning about Delta 8 and THCO.
    Both of them gave me Insomnia. I'd just lay there
    all night tossing and turning. No sleep.
    It was horrible.
    And yeah, CBD did nothing.

    Delta 9 is the only Cannabinoid that I can use.
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  3. That is definitely interesting. I was just curious, as I already decided that I'm not going to mess with anyone else and just ride out these last 9 days and make a note to better prepare myself the next time I do this (which I'm hoping won't be for awhile).
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  4. You're finished now. Did it ever get any easier? I'm preparing for a Lenten break and have sleep aids so that won't be a problem. I also have some CBD flower and wax if I just have to dab/smoke something.

    From what I understand Delta 8 affects tolerance just as Delta 9 does. Haven't head anything about THCO.
  5. CBD didn’t do anything for me. My body never felt completely normal over the course of 21 days - although the final week was a little bit easier overall. The only nights I slept well are when I used a sleeping aid that I had a very, very limited supply of. If I ever do anything like this again, I would better prepare.

    So, was it worth it for that first smoke after 21 days? Not really. While the high was more intense than what I was used to, I was still easily able to get through a dog walker with a satisfying but not overly strong high.

    I’ve accepted that the days of being able to just get completely baked off of four or five puffs are probably gone or would require an extremely long break that I’m not willing to partake in. And that’s okay. If I ever feel like I need to take a break from smoking again, I think I’ll just temporarily switch to edibles for sleeping.
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  6. check out cannabimimetics ... ways to boost your endocannabinoid system tone via diet ... also eat as much omega three as you can each day ... N-3 forms into endocannabinoids and helps to connect signaling in the ECS
  7. Anytime I stop my daily cannabis intake for more then a month I start dreaming again....but as a daily smoker, I never dream.

    Anyone else experience this?

    You can find scholarly studies that discuss the use of THC on REM sleep, one factor may be the concentration of THC, whereby lower levels induce sleep and higher levels cause increased dopaminergic activity. THC:CBD ratio may be equally significant.

    As Dr. Samoon explains, “People who use marijuana tend to suppress REM sleep — they have less REM sleep.” When you have less REM sleep, as he explains, you’ll have fewer dreams.
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  8. I find cannabis does inhibit my dreaming.

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