1. thc
    \t\t\t \t\t\tis there a way a home grower can measure the THC content in your buds and if so what do you need to
  2. this is how I measure it....dry it...smoke it...thats just how I do things though....But i would be interested if you could measure it somehow at home...but dont think its viable I think you'd need more then a "at home test kit" kinda...

  3. bahahaha , i hear you there bro
  4. There are labs you can send bud to to have it tested.

    I've never done it, this is what I have read on the forum. I don't know any specific labs that do it, but I imagine America doesn't have too many(?)
  5. Go to a 4-year state college..
    take a chemistry class.
    Find the GC or HPLC
    The rest is pretty easy :)

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