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  1. is THC the only thing in marijuana that makes u high or are there other things in it that get u high.

    What does THC do for the marijuana and are there any ways u can make synthetic THC.
  2. Im not to sure but i know they have THC pills. So prolly yes on the synthetic question.
  3. There are two main chemicals. The main-main one is THC. THC is what gives you the nice, heady buzz. CBD is the other main chemical. It is what makes you tired and groggy. If your weed makes you stoned, but also tired and groggy, it\'s because the ratio of CBD to THC is high. There\'s also a whole bunch of other chemicals which are cannabinoids (things that make you high) and are in weed. These vary from strain to strain and are often overlooked. These \"lesser\" chemicals are what make each kind of weed different. You know how weed is never quite the same twice? It\'s because of these chemicals. A pure THC pill (or syrup or whatever) would deliver the same exact high, consistantly, every time. I don\'t know about you, but that sounds like it\'d get mundane after a while.

  4. its called marinol and you have to eat quiet a few of them to equal the feeling of smoking a bowl... after you eat a bunch it feels like you ingested some nice juana though.... good stuff if you don\'t mind the taste of the sesame oil that the thc is suspended in.... :)
  5. delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is one chemical
    cannabinol (CBN) is another
    cannabidiol (CBD) is yet another

    If I remember correctly, CBN is actually formed when CBD breaks down and may be what they test for in urine. Don\'t quote me on that, though.

  6. Ooops. :D

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